Three products you are probably paying too much for

We all live a busy life today, often rushing everywhere and making purchases on the fly. Find if you are paying over the odds when you do.

Shopping these days is quite seamless and convenient. All you have to do is pick a few items on a website and go through the checkout process. Simple, quick and efficient. 

However, did you ever wonder that you may be overpaying for some of the items you buy on a regular basis?

Of course, there are discounts and you can use your coupon codes at checkout to get a special deal. But even then, some products tend to be quite pricey wouldn’t you say? With that in mind, here are three products you’re most likely paying too much for. 

1) Coffee to go

If there’s one thing we overpay for it’s coffee to go. No one makes coffee at home anymore when you can just stop by a local parlor and buy a cup of coffee for $3 or more depending if it’s just coffee or some weird brew with spices and unicorn glitter. 

What a great deal that is. Or is it? Looking at long term, you pay a lot of money for coffee. But it’s not just coffee you’re paying for, it’s the brand as well. Give a cup of coffee a fancy name and add a brand logo and voila, you have overpriced product that people go crazy for. 

2) Takeout food

Another thing you most likely overpay for is takeout food. Yes, it’s all great and convenient to not cook any food and instead have it delivered to your doorstep.

However, calculate the cost of food, delivery and fees modern food apps “collect” as part of the transaction and you just bought lunch for a dozen people at least. Maybe the extra cost is worth it, maybe not. But do you really need to spend that much or are you just lazy enough to not cook your own food? 

3) Fashion items

If there ever was an overpriced item, it had something to do with fashion. Whether it’s clothes, makeup or jewelry, you won’t find more overpriced items than their actual worth. Designer shoos or a new lipstick made by some famous celebrity that costs an arm and a leg is not something you should be purchasing on a daily basis or ever for that matter. 

But people seem to go crazy for it for some odd reason. This is where the actual price of an item gets multiplied by a brand tag. Of course, branded items may have better quality but no quality can justify insane price tags that come along these items. 

It’s perfectly fine to make impulse purchases for convenience sake. But if you’re constantly overpaying for some products, you’re on the receiving end, especially in the long run.