Three gifts every gadget geek will want this Christmas

Looking for a gift for someone who loves gadgets this Christmas? Here are three quick ideas to inspire you.

Consumers expected to spend an average of £345.65 on gifts this festive season, with 35% saying they are likely to splurge up to £500 on presents,  according to the media.

There is nothing more exciting during Christmas than unwrapping a tech gadget. However, if you are the one shopping for the gift, the process can be overwhelming. Chances are you will search the Internet for ideas and make your purchase on any online store.

But before you can make a purchase, it is best to learn tips to easy, safe online shopping and what makes a good gadget gift.

1) Settle for Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is a perfect choice for gamers and tech lovers of all ages. If they don’t have it yet, don’t hesitate to spend about £280 on the console. It will surprise you at how much they will appreciate their new gift. 

Nintendo Switch is a unique gaming console compared to PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox. Its small size makes it portable and flexible, meaning you can enjoy gaming anywhere.

Plus, it is a two-in-one console, meaning it is an on the TV and handheld device. For a gamer, this console will lift their holiday mood because it allows them to enjoy a variety of games even when on the go. 

2) Splurge on a Hoverboard

If you know little about tech, you probably don’t  understand the hype surrounding hoverboards. Well, self-balancing scooters work like skateboards, some look like bicycles. The common feature is that they can hover in the air.

When you gift someone a self-balancing scooter, you help in boosting their confidence. This gadget gives them the freedom to move around, and they are perfect for maintaining good physical health. However, before you buy, make sure you read a hoverboard buying guide to make your choice easier.

Researching the hype about self-balancing scooters gives you insights about different hoverboard models and pricing. That way, you can make the right choice based on your budget. 

3) “A SmartWatch” Apple Watch Series 5

If you know someone with an eye for technology, gift him with a smartwatch (or her). Tech geeks know the value of wearing a watch with an always-on display that does not drain the battery. Besides having a battery that lasts 18 hours, the Apple Watch Series 5 has an improved Map app that lets you see directions of places you want to go.

This app is perfect for teens who love to explore with minimal supervision. And, with the cellular version, users don’t need their iPhones for communication. You can use the watch to make calls, view email notifications, and even make emergency calls.

Although it will cost you £400-£500, the features that come with it are worth the investment. 

Photo by Ben White