Three essential habits to teach your dog before bringing them to the office

Like the idea of taking your pet to work? Find out the three essential habits you need to teach your dog before bringing them to the office.

Welcome to a world where your dog can be a part of your professional journey. Imagine an office environment filled with the hustle of business and graced by the calming presence of your loyal companion.

This scenario isn’t a far-fetched dream but a tangible reality that requires preparation and understanding. Specifically designed for the ambitious businesswoman, this guide will detail three critical habits your dog needs to master for seamless integration into your office life.

Three habits to teach your dog before bringing them to the office

Read on for an in-depth understanding of these essential behaviors that can make or break your office experience with your beloved companion.

1) Learn to settle

The essence of teaching your dog to settle cannot be overstated. It’s the cornerstone for ensuring your dog can be a peaceful and discreet part of the office environment. While puppies might initially struggle with this concept, and older dogs may need extra training if they haven’t been accustomed to settling outside the home, the effort is well worth it.

Begin by keeping your dog on a short leash to limit their freedom of movement. This restraint encourages them to lie down and relax. Over time and with consistent practice, your dog will learn to settle down on their own. For those bringing a puppy to the office, setting up a crate can be a lifesaver to prevent accidents and provide a secure area for your pup.

2) Properly walk on leash

Walking to and from the office with your dog in a calm and controlled manner is essential. It sets the tone for your and your dog’s day and ensures a smooth transition into the office environment. More importantly, it reflects positively on your professionalism and consideration for your coworkers.

Focus on training your dog to walk on a loose leash, rewarding them for staying by your side and paying attention to you rather than getting distracted by the surroundings. Stand firm like a post if your dog starts to pull, teaching them that this behavior won’t lead them anywhere. If leash training becomes challenging, consider consulting a professional trainer for guidance.

3) No barking or whining

Maintaining a professional atmosphere in the office is paramount, which means addressing any barking or whining from your dog. While some level of vocalization is normal as your dog adjusts to the new environment, managing these behaviors is crucial to avoid disruption.

Exercise your dog before work to tire them out, ignore attention-seeking behaviors while working, and provide them with a long-lasting chew toy. Understanding your dog’s triggers for barking or whining can also be instrumental in mitigating these behaviors.

Why these habits are essential

Instilling these habits in your dog is not just about compliance or convenience; it’s about fostering an office culture that values respect, professionalism, and harmony.

A well-behaved dog is a joy to have around and a reflection of your commitment to maintaining a balanced and positive work environment. It demonstrates to your colleagues that you are mindful of their space and the collective work atmosphere.

Moreover, a calm, obedient dog and well-adjusted to office life can significantly contribute to overall well-being and stress reduction in the workplace. Ensuring that your dog adheres to these essential habits sets a professional standard for responsible pet ownership, paving the way for a more inclusive and pet-friendly office culture.

These three habits will help prepare your dog for the office

Introducing your dog to your office is an exciting venture that requires dedication and a thorough understanding of your dog’s behavior and needs. By focusing on these three essential habits, you’re preparing your dog for the office environment and ensuring a pleasant and productive experience for yourself and your colleagues.

A well-trained dog can be more than just a companion; they can be a valued and beloved member of your office community. Here’s to embarking on this rewarding journey with your best friend, ready to face the challenges and joys of the business world together.

Ashley Reely is the passionate force behind Meraki Dogs, a platform dedicated to canine enthusiasts. With 12 enriching years in the pet industry, her expertise encompasses dog training, grooming, behavior, and sports.