Three different options for part-time nursing: Which is right for you?

Nursing can be an extremely tough profession, but also a very rewarding one for the right type of person. Sometimes being a full time nurse can get to be too much due to the stress, or it might just be incompatible with your lifestyle.

However, if you love nursing, helping others, and putting on nursing scrubs every single day to make a real difference, then you might consider part time nursing as an option, allowing you to continue your passion on a more flexible schedule.

There are a lot of options for people who really want to work part time in the nursing and medical world, and it is worth taking a look to see what is going to be the best for you and your needs. After all, even if you are working part time, you can still be in a job you enjoy!

1) Stay where you are

If you are already a full time nurse with credentials, expertise, and some experience to your name, you don’t need to step away from your current job just because the full time hours are a bit too much. Instead, you might be able to go to your manager and ask to be placed on part time work.

Because good nurses like you are so rare (and it would take more time and cost more money to have you replaced by someone new) many managers will keep an experienced nurse on hand to help out. So if you love everything about your job but the hours, don’t be afraid to ask for some support!

2) In-home nursing services for seniors

Alright, seniors might nap a lot, but that is not what makes this job part time! The early bedtimes and late rising of many elders can give nurses a good chunk of the morning and the evening to call their own, while the afternoon can be spent helping seniors. Whether you are helping them out in a retirement home or going to a house to provide in-home nursing services, it can be very interesting.

Especially if you bond with your seniors, because they have quite a lot of stories to tell and a lot of wisdom to impart to you. Don’t be afraid to sit and listen to what they have to say.

3) Teaching and education

Being able to learn at the feet of someone who has done all the things they are teaching about is an experience that will shape the next generation better than anything else. If you can find an education position where all those full time hours get put to good use, then you can spend your time teaching others.

It can be extremely helpful to the next generation of nurses to have someone experienced as their teacher, because you likely have some tips, tricks, stories, and life lessons that will be much much better than any textbook or online course. Your stuff might even be current too!

Don’t be afraid to look for part time

Whether you are working full time, part time, or somewhere in the middle, you will be working in the nursing field and helping people who really need some serious support. Part time work will allow you to maintain some serious work and life balance while also allowing you to give your best to those people whom you are helping, no matter where you are.

So find a part time job in the field of nursing and give it your all! The patients will love your help no matter what, and you will be able to continue to work in the wonderful nursing environment.