Three challenges to women dentists and three great reasons to make dentistry your career regardless

The first woman to earn a dentistry degree was in 1866. Today, more than half of all dental school graduates are women. 

The path from 1866 to where we are today wasn’t straight or easy. Women who choose this field still face many challenges. But for most, the juice is worth the squeeze.

In this article, we’ll explore the challenges women dentists face and the great reasons why choosing a career in dentistry can be so fulfilling. These are the struggles female dentists experience and the unique rewards that make it all worth it.

Three challenges faced by women dentists

Women in this profession still encounter several obstacles in dental practices that their male counterparts may not. Here are some of the challenges that women in dentistry may face as they pursue their careers.

1) Gender bias in the workplace

The invisible barrier of gender bias can be a deterrent for women. This bias can manifest in various ways. It could be anything from lack of support in pursuing advanced positions to being second-guessed on clinical decisions.

2) Work-life balance struggles

Balancing a demanding career with family responsibilities isn’t easy for anyone. But working women have always had an uphill battle. 

High patient loads, long hours, and the quest for professional advancement can make maintaining a work-life balance seem like an elusive dream.

But honestly, this is the case for any job in the medical field. It has many rewards but requires long hours and sometimes terrible work-life balance. It’s a perfect example of having to take the good with the bad.

3) Stereotypes and prejudices

Societal gender stereotypes can sometimes seep into the patient-dentist dynamic. Some female dentists find it hard to command the same level of respect as their male colleagues.

Three great reasons to choose dentistry as a career

Despite the above challenges, there are many reasons for women to pursue a career in dentistry. The hard work will pay off. These are a few of the most rewarding aspects of this profession that make it an attractive and fulfilling career choice.

1) Flexibility and autonomy

One of dentistry’s most attractive aspects for many professionals is the flexibility it offers. In many cases, these professionals can set their own schedules. 

They have the freedom to choose the direction of their practice. This level of autonomy provides a sense of control and independence.

2) Impactful patient relationships

Forming lasting and meaningful relationships with patients is one of the most fulfilling aspects of any medical career. 

The impact of oral health on overall well-being means that dentists can play a crucial role in the lives of their patients. They can make a positive difference that extends well beyond the dental chair.

3) Financial stability and growth

Dentistry offers financial stability and wealth-building opportunities. While the road to achieving this can be bumpy, the average earning potential for dentists is high. It’s especially lucrative for those who run successful practices or specialize within the field.

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Don’t be a dentist – be a great dentist

The challenges that women face in the dental profession are real. But the rewards that come with a career in dentistry can make struggles worth it. 

Dentistry is a great career choice because it allows one to make a difference in patients’ lives, contribute to community health, and enjoy the flexibility and financial reward that the profession offers.

For any woman considering or navigating a career in dentistry, know that your presence and contributions are invaluable. Your unique voice, skills, and passion for oral health are needed and appreciated.