Three business functions you can’t afford to overlook

If you’re running your own business you’ll probably by juggling many balls – from sourcing, making and buying products, to delivering services… and everything else that enables your business to function.

And while there are some parts of running a company that naturally demand attention (or we prefer to work on), there are other equally important areas than can fall through the gaps.

And when that happens – when we overlook the less interesting aspects of running a business – our successful business gradually grinds to a halt.

So how do you keep your profit machine well oiled and running efficiently? Here are three business functions you can’t afford to overlook.

Personnel management

The success of any business depends to a large extent to the people who work in it. So it’s important to ensure you have excellent personnel management.

With the right personnel management you’ll be able to effectively communicate your company goals and values, so everyone is onside, and will be able to convey clearly what you expect of the people who work from you – and (just as importantly) what you offer back.

The right personnel management won’t just ensure you stay the right side of employment law, but it will make it much easier to attract, recruit and retain the best talent. The kind of people who will drive your company forward and help you achieve those goals you’ve set out.

Customer service

Your relationship with your customers should never start and end when they hand over their money. Providing excellent customer service will mean that they’ll be happier with their products and services. and more likely to buy from you again and recommend you.

So from a customer’s first interaction with you – whether that’s following you on social media, or walking through the doors of your business – make sure they fall in love with what you do – and feel loved back.

And once they’ve bought from you, ensure they know how much you value their custom – and be responsive if they have a problem. If customers call you, make sure you’ve got the right services and technology in place, like AnswerFirst’s virtual receptionist services so they can always get help when they need it.  


Administration is probably the least sexiest part of a business. It doesn’t bring in the money, like sales, make you famous, like PR, or come up with creative ideas, like marketing.

But overlook administration at your peril. Smooth, well planned administration will keep your company running smoothly and minimise overhead costs – freeing up more budget for sales, PR and marketing.

So make sure you have an excellent administration team and system in place – and they they have all they need to do their jobs effectively.

Photo by Brooke Cagle