Three benefits of an advanced search bar for e-commerce sites

Modern online shoppers and e-commerce visitors don’t just expect a seamless experience; they demand excellence and personalization so that they can be handed everything on their plates.

While this seems like a high standard of reach, the reality is that with a few well-chosen features and adaptations, you can elevate the user experience and guarantee satisfaction for all users.

One way to improve your ecommerce site’s user experience is to use an advanced search feature. Research has found that site searchers are 80% more likely to convert than no searchers, and 43% of users will go directly to the search bar over clicking through links on the homepage to find what they need. Top retailers like Amazon and eBay have successfully implemented advanced search options for users, capitalizing on this feature’s many benefits.

If you are unsure whether to explore adding an advanced search plugin to your website, understanding the technical aspects can help you make a more informed decision. An advanced search feature typically involves the use of algorithms that analyze user behavior and search patterns, allowing for more accurate and personalized search results.

1) More personalised experience

Consumers crave a more personalized experience when shopping, whether in person or online. An advanced search bar can be a powerful tool in your arsenal, empowering users with personalized options and direct results based on their search history and keywords.

As they type into the search bar, advanced options allow for multiple responses to be shown before the request is complete, giving the user more control and confidence in their choices. No longer do they need to wait for autocomplete or click through multiple links; the results are presented as they type, helping them find what they want faster and more efficiently.

2) Improved user experience

Cast your mind to a time when you used a difficult-to-navigate website. How did you feel? Did you find what you needed or get exasperated and give up before you even finished your search? These days, a difficult-to-navigate website is an instant turnoff, and a negative user experience will result in a loss of sales and a poor reputation. Chances are an initial sale won’t be completed, never mind people returning for repeat purchases.

If you want to improve the user experience, you need to ensure your website is as easy to navigate as possible, and an advanced search bar is one such tool you absolutely need to utilize.

3) Increased sales

Lastly, the most obvious benefit of allowing users to narrow down search results and find products easier is increased sales. As mentioned above, search users are 80% more likely to convert, so emphasizing your search function and encouraging using this feature can drive sales.

The reason is they don’t need to sift through useless information to find what they want or need, and they can simply search for it directly if they know what they want or add parameters to narrow down choices. If they don’t, i.e., they are shopping for a new dress for a wedding, or they need to compare the latest sneakers, for example.

If they can quickly locate what they want and proceed with the sale over those, who need to click multiple links or scour different pages to help them find the products they’re looking for.