Three autumn/winter trends to avoid (and three to buy)!

If you head out to the shops in the next couple of weeks, you may wonder where summer went! Because while autumn may not be here yet in theory, in practice the high street is already embracing fall fashions – regardless of the temperatures outside.

And as happens every season, several trends will filter down from the catwalk that a willowy 6ft model can carry off with ease – but don’t look quite as good on the average 5ft 3, size 14 woman who doesn’t have an all-round tan or a make up and hairdresser at her disposal!

To help you buy wisely for the upcoming autumn and winter season, stylish Karen Skagerlind reveals the three trends to avoid – and three you can happily embrace.

Buy fashion that lasts

While I believe fashion is an art form and you should wear what you like to express your individuality, I also believe that, unless your style is naturally edgy and ‘of the moment’, it’s wise to err on the side of style caution and avoid certain trends. Especially if you want to maximise the cost per wear of your purchases.

Three trends to avoid this autumn/winter

To to help you navigate your way around the trends for the autumn/winter 2014 season, I’ve picked out picked out three to avoid.

These three trends will soon feel like hard work once you’ve got them home, and while I don’t want to be a retail doomsayer, they are very likely to end up dangling from a sale rail come January.

1) Sixties minis

I like my legs, and while the rest of my body has seen fluctuations akin to hurricane Bertha, my legs have remained neutral throughout.

However the 60s mod skirt is one item my legs will not be coming out for. There is too much dimply flesh on show for my liking, which requires maximum grooming or a very thick opaque tight.

As with any sixties shape I believe they work better if you embrace a look rather than one item, and this style of skirt remains faithful to its origins – making it difficult to mix effortlessly with the other stalwart items in your wardrobe.

My rule of thumb is if you can’t think of three different outfit combinations with each item you buy, then leave it in the shop.

2) Faux fur coats

Want to add 5lbs to your frame? Then look no further than the faux fur coat.

I have to confess that I do own faux fur – but in a gilet style so anyone that mistakes me for a grizzly from behind will take a second glance to know I possess limbs and am not lumbering off to hibernate.

To add to the bulk, this season’s offering has an even longer, fluffier fibre. So before you even get it on, it has the thickness of around ½ a metre – making squeezing on the tube or a bus on your way to work a tad difficult.

3) Leather separates

So leather is here to stay. It was shown on the catwalk in every guise – Gucci even showed a leather blouse?!!

However I still won’t own a leather dress, skirt or trousers. ‘Why’ you ask? Well if you’ve ever bought a dry clean item then you’ll have an inkling. Once worn it hardly ever sees the light of day, so leather as a daily separate certainly has its drawbacks.

I also remember the time (it’s etched in my memory forever) that a flatmate borrowed my H&M leather skirt only to leave a fixed indent a Kim Kardashian rear would fill!

Needless to say I could never wear it again, as sadly I am not blessed in that department – it was a costly mistake even without the additional dry cleaning bill.

Three autumn/winter trends you can embrace

It’s all well and good telling you what to avoid, but what can you splash out on in the shops right now? I’ve picked out my personal favourite three autumn/winter 2014 trends.

1) Normcore

Plump for the Normcore trend (or in layman’s terms, go for androgynous, non-label basics in neutral, easy-to-wear colours). Think wallflower, blend-in-with-the crowd looks rather than stand-out fashion.

2) Wraps

Wrap, poncho, blanket… whatever term you choose, snuggle up in this easy outerwear trend. While us mere mortals probably won’t be in our monogrammed Burberry blankets like Olivia Palermo or SJP, you’ll be cosy enough and not look like a yeti!

3) Red/Khaki

Buy Red Riding hood red, as fairytale influences meant this shade dominated the catwalk. While we’re talking colours, also buy Khaki – the military shade that doesn’t fatigue!

Head back to the shops

So as the kids head back to school, and you magically have child-free time once again, you can head back to the shops and pick out your wardrobe for the chilly months ahead, confident that you’ll be investing pieces that you’ll be happy to wear again and again.

By Karen Skagerlind of Wardrobe Wand.