Thinking of using crystals to improve your life? Here’s a guide to get started

People have been using crystals and stones to try to improve their physical, spiritual, and mental wellbeing since ancient times.

While they may be beautiful, crystals aren’t just used to for decoration. Some people believe that crystals and gems have specific healing properties, and shamans and healers have been using them for many years. But how do they work?

How can crystals and gems improve your life?

Whether you choose it a home decoration or an accessory, every type of crystal is thought to have its own unique healing properties. And people believe that you can harness its energy by placing it near you.

It’s important to state that these claims are not scientifically proven, and crystals aren’t for everyone. But there are anecdotal stories of people benefiting from crystals throughout history, and many people get relief and hope from them.

Before you get a crystal, you need to know what it will do for you. Here are some of the most popular crystals and gems, and details on how people believe they can improve your life.

1) Bloodstones are thought to enhance your energy

One of the ways crystals and gems are said to improve your life is by boosting your energy throughout the day, and enhancing your productivity as a result.

For instance, the Bloodstone crystal is believed to decrease your negative thoughts and lethargy, while increasing your enthusiasm and drive. 

In ancient times, Bloodstone crystals were actually made as amulets and worn by people for blood purification. They were thought to make blood flow smoother, and make your life force stronger as a result.

Another crystal that you can use to keep you motivated is the Ruby crystal. This will help energize you and give you more motivation.

2) Rhodonite is believed to manage your anger and help you to forgive

It’s not always easy to forgive someone for wronging you. But some people believe that crystals aid your ability to forgive others by helping you work on your sadness, resentment, and anger.

For instance, the Rhodonite crystal is said to help you accept situations by replacing any feelings of anger with love. By feeling more love for people, it’s believed to help you forgive them more. 

An alternative is the Malachite crystal, which many use to help with their personal healing, particularly with unresolved major trauma that is blocking their ability to forgive others.

3) The Unakite Jasper crystal is used in an effort to boost fertility

Being pregnant and giving birth is one of the most precious gifts. But it doesn’t always come easy to many women. Infertility is emotionally draining and can be devastating.

Today we have many excellent medical interventions that can help aid fertility. But in ancient times, many people were adamant that crystals could help with fertility.

Popular crystals for fertility include the Unakite Jasper crystal. The Unakite Jasper crystal is very well known for pregnancy and fertility. Not only is it believed to promote fertility, but it is also thought to channel a deep nurturing energy for mothers-to-be. It’s also a beautiful crystal, radiating a pink and green color.

Another well-used alternative is the Red Tiger’s Eye crystal, which is thought to fuel passion and boost the sex drive of couples – with the hope that this will lead to a successful conception.

As well as deepening the physical connection between the couple the Red Tiger’s Eye crystal is said to foster love and care for the mothers-to-be.

4) Could the Amethyst crystal help you sleep better?

Did you know that crystals could also help you to get a better night’s sleep? With so many things to think about, you might find yourself lying awake at night plagued by stress and anxiety. And often, only by finding away to manage or eliminate those recurring thoughts and worries can you get to sleep.

Many people turn to the Amethyst crystal to lessen rage, anger, anxiety, fear, and balance their mood. The Amethyst crystal is also thought to fend off and protect you against negative energy, and attract positive energy in its place. So you may wish to try to use the Amethyst crystal to fall asleep, and ward off nightmares.

5) Want to channel peacefulness and inner calm? Try the Iolite crystal

In life you’re surrounded by many different kinds of energies, and you need all those energies to harmonize in order to achieve inner peacefulness and calmness. And to achieve this, some people turn to the use of crystals.

One crystal that is sometimes used for inner peace is what you call an Iolite crystal. It’s not as popular or as well known as some crystals, but it is thought to be very effective in fostering harmony and balance.

Another crystal that is believed to help increase your sense of peacefulness and inner calm is the Celestite crystal. The Celestite crystal is what some call ‘the cosmic lullaby’ because of its perceived properties to promote peaceful, calming, and soothing vibes.

6) The Peridot crystal is used to attract prosperity and abundance

Prosperity, abundance, and career advancement are all something that many people want to attract in their lives. And some turn to crystals for help.

The Peridot crystal, for example, which is colored green much like emerald, is thought to embody ancestral wealth and money. It’s particularly popular with people who are in debt and are looking for a way out.

Another popular crystal, the Tiger’s Eye is thought to not only in bringing prosperity, but also improving your money-making skills, and giving you more patience.

With regard to furthering or aiding your career, you could try the Obsidian crystal. Whether you are (or want to) manage a team or run your own company, the Obsidian crystal is said to give you the power to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

The Obsidian crystal is believed to make you feel more confident and give you the willpower and inner strength to be successful with whatever you are planning for your business or career.

7) Need to boost your productivity and creativity? Check out the Carnelian crystal

Crystals are also thought to boost your productivity and creativity. They are believed to have the power to fill your soul, ignite your dreams and motivate you to start projects (and follow them through). 

For example, the Carnelian crystal is often used to motivate people to take action in their career or business. If you wish to use the perceived motivational powers of the Carnelian crystal you should place it in the area where you work.

The Labradorite crystal, meanwhile, can apparently be used to calm your mind while stimulating your creative juices. If you are an artist, then you might try this crystal to help you channel new creative and insightful ideas. The Citrine crystal is also thought to give you clarity of mind.

8) Looking for love? Try employing the powers of Rose Quartz!

Crystals and gems are also believed to help you with matters of the heart. They can even, allegedly, go as far as attracting love into your life. And not just for people who are single – they are also said to help people in relationships too.

As its name suggests, the Rose Quartz crystal is pink in color, and is said to help you open your heart, and heal the energy within it. The frequency that it is supposed to give out is all about love, beauty, and compassion. 

This energy of the Rose Quartz crystal is believed to help to bring you love, as well as help you love yourself and forgive the people in your past relationships that might have given you pain.

If you are single and ready to find love, you might want to try placing the Rose Quartz near your bed. It’s worth seeing what happens!

9) Crystals are said to help balance your chakras

Chakras are the energy centers that spread throughout your body. These chakras correspond and interact with your body, mind, and spirit. Your chakras need to harmonize in order to prevent any imbalance in your emotions, health, and mind.

And if you want to create a good energy flow and cleanse your chakras, you might be encouraged to try crystals.

Crystals are believed to be one of the most efficient ways to keep your chakras harmonizing with each other and shining. To find the right crystal, you need to pair it with the color of your chakra to heal that portion. You can search online for the chakra color for each part of your body. Alternatively, you can visit AtPerry’s to explore the benefits of different crystals so you can choose which one is right for you.

10) Black Tourmaline crystals are said to keep bad energy away

We mix with all kinds of different people – with different energies – as we go about our day. And negative energy is still said to be able to enter your life, even if you are using crystals that promote good energy. In order to keep negative energy out, it is said that you need specific crystals.

Specifically, many people turn to the Black Tourmaline crystal to fend off negative energy. If you’d like to try it, you should put Black Tourmaline in all the entry and exit points of your home, to prevent negative energy from entering it. 

The Black Tourmaline crystal is believed to serve as protection for you and your soul. Negative energy can turn your home and your life upside down.

How do you use crystals?

So now you have an idea of how some crystals are believed to help with different aspects of your life. But if you believe in the power of crystals, how should you use them to maximise their powers? Here are some steps on how to use them.

1) First, set your intention

The first thing you need to do is to set your intention when using a crystal, and channel that intention to the crystal. To channel your intention, you need to hold the crystal with both your hands, shut your eyes, and command the crystal to set the intention. 

For the crystal to really work for you, it’s believed that your mind must be in line with what you want to get from it. It’s all about transferring and channeling energy and intentions.

2) Next position your crystals

There are many ways you can position your crystals. Firstly, you can wear them so that you always have direct contact with your skin. The more that you touch your crystal, the more effective it is believed to be. As a bonus, wearing crystals has become trendy, and they can be worn as jewelry or part of your clothing.

If you don’t want to wear your crystal, you can simply carry it in your bag or purse. Then, from time to time, you can touch it or hold on to it to access its energy.

As an alternative, you can also place your crystals in your home so that their energy will radiate throughout your home. It is recommended to position them strategically near places you frequent, so that you get the fullest of energy.

For example, you can place a crystal on your bedside table to give you positive energy. Or you can place it on your desk to boost your creativity, or on your thresholds for protection.

3) Finally, meditate with your crystal

To get the spiritual benefits of your crystal, you might want to meditate with the crystal. You can do it by holding onto your crystal and connecting with the metaphysical powers of the crystal.

People believe that they are more connected with the crystal by doing this, and that being in this kind of headspace makes a significant difference over simply holding it.

Your crystal is also believed to help improve your meditation practice, if you have one already. You can hold your crystal or place it on your chakra during your meditation practice. Do whatever feels comfortable for you – there are no set rules on how to meditate.

Could crystals be for you?

As already stated, the power and uses of crystals is not scientifically proven. All the advice in this article is based on the beliefs of people who use crystals, and practices that date back many years.

Many believe that crystals bring positivity and balance to their life, and if they reap these benefits from using them, and aren’t hurting anyone in the process, then it can only be an enriching experience.

If you’d like to start using crystals, work out what it is that you want from them, then research which crystals people believe are best for that. The list above can help to give you some ideas as a starting point.  

Photo by Sara Johnston