Things to avoid talking about on your first date

A first date is an exciting moment for many. We spend a long time preparing, worrying, choosing outfits, and replaying in our heads how everything will happen.

Very often, on a date, we make mistakes that cannot be fixed, although they may not seem so terrible. And most importantly, we don’t do them on purpose. One bad joke or inappropriate comment can ruin a date.

There are a lot of first date questions that may bother you. If you don’t know what to talk about on a first date, then read on to find our what you shouldn’t mention.

What should you avoid asking on a first date?

While first dates are an exciting opportunity to get to know someone, you should avoid certain topics to create a positive and comfortable atmosphere. It doesn’t matter if it’s a real meeting or at one of dating online services. The next first date tips will help you not turn your meeting into the last one. 

Past relationships

Talking about past relationships, breakups, or ex-partners can create an awkward and uncomfortable atmosphere. This may give the impression that you are still attached to your past and that it has an influence on you.

By the way, if you choose someone from local free dating sites, most likely the person knows your ex. However, you cannot start a new story thinking about your past. Besides, no matter what exactly happened in your previous relationship, discussing another person will not make you look good. Remember that you came for the sake of the person who is opposite you, so focus on the present and future instead.

Personal finances

The presence or absence of money should not concern you much. Refrain from bragging about the material wealth you possess. It will make the person think that this is the only important thing in your life.

If the situation is the opposite, then you should not mention that you have loans or any other financial difficulties because all this can be solved, but the person will think that you have some kind of addiction. Don’t judge your partner’s well-being, because it can be deceptive, or you may just make the other person feel awkward.

Controversial themes

It’s probably all over the world that it’s better not to discuss topics like politics, religion, and cultural issues, especially on a dating website. These themes are too serious to argue about. And you are only at the very beginning of your journey. You need to talk about simpler things and ask questions directly related to the personality.

Of course, if you have a different religion, culture, or political views, then you need to know about this, but what if it does not play a big role if you are really in love?

Health issues

This is another one of the sensitive topics that it is better not to mention on the first date. Not everyone will be pleased to hear the whole history of the disease and how it all happened.

It would also be too arrogant and uncultured to be interested in such details from another person. After all, one mention of trauma can provoke a flood of negative memories in a person, which are difficult to cope with. 

Negative experiences

The first impression plays a big role. Sometimes we become so enamored with each other and win people over that we unwittingly begin to share our problems. We just want to hear words of support and share what is literally eating us up from the inside. However, this is not the best idea.

The person will think that this is your natural state and that you have always been like this. Yes, and you probably often felt exhausted, as if without strength, when all the accumulated negativity was poured out on you.

Family issues

It doesn’t matter how much you like the person, but talking about your relatives is definitely not a good idea. Every family deals with a bunch of arguments and ups and downs. However, if you talk badly about your closest people, what can you say about the person you date?

Family relationships shouldn’t bother your partner since your conflict may be resolved, but the impression about your family stays. If your relationship will be successful it’s obvious that the person is going to support you when family issues happen, but not this time. 

Intense future plans

It happens that our feelings completely absorb us; we are so carried away by a person that we do not notice anything. So, experiencing these feelings, some begin to fantasize and talk about children, marriage, a house by the lake, and other joys of family life. This scares most people, especially men. Many people wonder how this is even possible on a first date.

Someone is so desperate to start a family that it is common for them to ask such questions because it allows them to avoid wasting time on further dates. It’s a great disappointment that you spend a lot of time only to find out, in the end, that your views on the future are different. Anyway, keep the dreams about the future when you say you’re in love for the first time. 

Overbearing questions

When you like a person, you want to find out personal details as much as possible. But here, it is not possible to guess which question may bring inconvenience to a person. This leads to awkward pauses in the conversation, and in the end, the date fails, so the person wants to leave as quickly as possible.

Remember that each person has personal boundaries that should not be violated until you have become close and trust each other.

What makes a first date awkward?

Remember, the goal of a first date is to create a positive impression and get to know each other. Pay attention to your date’s reactions while you discuss certain topics, and you will understand whether it is worth to continue your communication or not. The mistakes above are the most widespread and greatly influence how your future relationship will develop.

What you should definitely avoid is talking too much about yourself and your achievements. Please dedicate the time to your potential partner’s personality to show that you are there because of the particular person.