These six road fines could cost you over £10,000 in festival season 

With the price of tickets to Glastonbury costing over £350, enjoying festivals this summer can be expensive.

But there are some expenses that you may not have allowed for that can tip your budget into the thousands. And these are little-known driving fines.

So, as music fans across the UK are gearing up for their journey to upcoming festivals, ATS Euromaster want to warn motorists of driving offences to avoid that could cost you over £10,000 In fines and even disqualification from driving.

1) Sleeping in your car whilst drunk – £2,500 fine 

After a long weekend, you may be tempted to rest up in your vehicle before heading home. However, motorists are being warned that if they are caught sleeping whilst exceeding the alcohol limit (even with the engine off), they could be prosecuted for being drunk in charge of a motor vehicle. 

Under the provisions of the Road Traffic Act 1988, those found intoxicated above the legal limit could face not only a maximum fine of up to £2,500 but potentially even disqualification from driving. 

2) Taking payments as a driver – £2,500 

While driving with friends to and from festivals seems normal, taking payment for a lift could be breaking the law.  

If you’re making a profit from giving lifts, then you’re technically running an unlicensed taxi. This does not count if you’re taking a contribution to the running costs, but any profit made could leave drivers facing a fine of £2,500, invalidated insurance and even points on their license.  

3) Driving in wellies – £5,000 fine 

Driving in inappropriate footwear, such as wellies, may be considered a violation of road safety regulations, as they are not designed for driving and may increase the risk of accidents. 

Whilst this is not illegal, Highway Code 97 states drivers must ensure that ‘clothing and footwear do not prevent you using the controls in the correct manner’.  

If you’re involved in an accident or found not operating a vehicle safely by the police or your insurer, you could be at risk of a £5,000 fine, nine points on your license and even ending up in court. 

4) Overloading your car – £300 fine

Overloading your car above its capacity could put a strain on the tyres and suspension, which will increase your risk of an accident. Ignoring  this could land you a fine of up to £300 and three penalty points. In more serious cases, such as an accident, this could invalidate your insurance.  

It is important to familiarise yourself with your vehicle’s maximum loading weight before you set off, as each car has different specifications.  

5) Dirty number plates – £1,000 fine 

A common issue for many motorists is accumulating dirt on their vehicles after a busy festival season. Remember to clean your number plate to ensure it remains visible to maintain compliance with road regulations. 

The Highway Code states that drivers must take special care to maintain their car and ensure it is working properly, stating lights, indicators, reflectors and number plates MUST be kept clean and clear. Avoiding doing so could risk landing a £1,000 fine. 

6) Driving while tired – unlimited fine 

Driving while excessively tired is classed as dangerous driving and can pose serious risks, with 10-20% of all crashes estimated to be caused by driver fatigue.

Under the Highway Code, drivers must get sufficient sleep before embarking on a long journey and not begin a journey if you are tired. Drivers  found guilty of dangerous driving could be hit with an unlimited fine, a driving ban and, depending on how serious it is, 14 years in prison. 

Be mindful of the road rules this summer

Amid the excitement of festival season, motorists must remain vigilant and mindful of the rules of the road. So make sure you familiarise yourself with local driving laws, regulations and vehicle handbooks.