Good read: The XX Factor: How Working Women are Creating a New Society

Looking for an inspirational read this summer? Look no further than The XX Factor: How Working Women are Creating a New Society.

Here’s what The Guardian has to say about the book:

The XX Factor is full of intriguing facts: that half the world’s self-made female billionaires live in China; that in 1870 in the US there were precisely three female lawyers, whereas there are now 300,000 – 40% of the whole; that, oddly, Scandinavian countries hold the record for gender segregation because they have gone the furthest in outsourcing traditional female activities and turning unpaid home-based caring into formal employment; in the developed world women still lag behind in engineering, but “have taken over the marketing departments of our companies and nations”. Part-time work suits women well, as more and more of them work, but Americans aren’t wild about it since it carries no insurance. Readably written, the book’s a mass of facts and surveys, interviews, statistics and comparisons between countries; it could be a crucial bible for anyone wanting to check up on anything about contemporary women.

The Financial Times:

Wolf has written an exhaustive, intelligent, thoughtful and at times provocative and idiosyncratic analysis of what it is to be an elite woman. By laying out the choices that women are faced with and the consequences of their actions, Wolf is ensuring that we do not have to walk blindfold into the future.

And the Sunday Times:

Full of such factual richness… The XX Factor is a feast of data.

Want to read it for yourself? You can buy The XX Factor: How Working Women are Creating a New Society on Amazon.