The woodwork machinery you need to start a business

Starting a new business is an exciting venture in anyone’s life. Whether you’re freshly graduated or you’ve been thinking about a career change for a while now, you’re in the right place.

If you’re passionate about the art of woodworking and want to turn your hobby into a business venture, this guide is perfect for you.

In this guide created by Calderbrook Woodworking Machinery, you’ll find out which equipment you’ll need to start your own woodworking business.

The woodwork machinery you’ll need 

As a woodworker, you’ll need a fair few pieces of woodworking machinery, equipment, and tools to be able to craft products for your business. You need different tools to get the most accurate result, which is important for product quality.

In the world of woodworking, there are many tools you’ll need to achieve certain things. Here are a few of the main woodworking machinery you’ll need to start your business. 

  • Hand saws
  • Crosscut saw
  • Sander
  • Bench chisel
  • A work bench

Here are just a few of the tools and machinery you’ll need to kickstart your woodworking business. ou’ll also need a dedicated space for working on your projects and commissions, equipped with dust collectors to maintain a clean and healthy environment. A wood workshop somewhere on your property is an ideal workspace for your new business. 

Since woodworking is a loud profession, you’re best having a workspace away from your home.

You can buy woodwork machinery brand new to get the latest models, or you could buy second hand. Second hand is a great alternative as it’s more sustainable and you can save some money too.

Deciding on your niche

One of the most important things you need to decide when you begin your woodworking business is what your niche is. You’re going to need to know which area to specialise in, so you can hone in your skills. 

When you become very skilled in one area, you’ll be able to perfect many projects that you work on, creating an excellent reputation for yourself. If you try to do everything at once you may find yourself overwhelmed and not producing quality work. So it’s best to explore your niche before you get started. 

Here are a few areas you could go into.


Carpentry is a skilled trade that involves mending and making things from wood for construction sites. You could be a self-employed carpenter.

Crafting artisanal goods 

If you specialise in creating trinkets and goods made from wood then this niche could be for you. If you’re fantastic at working with your hands and crafting beautiful hand-made products then you could make a business out of it. You can make seasonal decorations for the home, wooden ornaments, and even statues.

Wooden toys

A key area of woodworking that you could go into is crafting and designing wooden toys. Wooden toys, also known as Montessori toys or open-ended toys, are very popular amongst parents. 

Many parents look for high quality wooden toys for their children as the simplicity of them encourages children to use their imagination and develop creativity. You could make handcrafted quality products for this market as a freelance woodworker.