The ultimate guide to using plastic wrap when moving home

When moving to a new home it is vital to protect your valuable belongings from any damage, dirt, or scratches. Here’s the ultimate guide to using plastic wrap for the task.

The simple, effective, and economical solution to protect your belongings during a house move is to pack the stuff with the help of plastic wrap. It does not only protect the items but also helps condense the items of large size so that there is enough space for other stuff in the truck.

What do you mean by ‘plastic wrap’?

Plastic wrap is an affordable packing material that acts as an essential resource to bind and protect the stuff when you are shifting to another place or storing them. It is also known as shrink or stretch wrap. Plastic, the stretchy wrap is tear-proof that can hold the large and bulky items together by safeguarding them from scratches, dirt, debris, and dust.

The shrink wrap sticks to itself and thus, unlike duct tapes it does not leave any sticky or gummy residue behind. The best national movers in the network of Pricing Van Lines explain that Plastic wrap can be used to protect furniture, artwork, paintings, and other items when shifting to another place. You can get stretch wraps online or from any hardware store.

Why is plastic wrap considered the best packing material?

Plastic wrap has several benefits when used effectively during the relocation with companies like Movers CRM. Here are some of the most common.


Some items in the house are versatile same as a stretch wrap. Cover your jewelry with shrink wrap to prevent it from getting tangled. There are chances of items spilling during the transit. Avoid this situation by wrapping the items with plastic wrap.


One of the most important benefits of using shrink wrap is that, unlike duct tapes, it sticks to itself. It doesn’t let gummy stains, dirt, and dust settle on the surface of the belongings. 


Plastic wrap is thin and user-friendly packing material. Covering the item with shrink wrap quite a few times can make it too sturdy that it becomes difficult to tear it apart.

Elastic and flexible

Because of the stretchiness, plastic wrap provides a protective covering to the strangest-shaped items. It is firm enough to hold the large and bulky belongings together during the move. The flexibility of shrink wrap allows it to bear the tension from the slight shifting of the stuff when in transit. 


Shrink wrap can be easily bought from the market and it is not so expensive. While you can get the regular type, but there is also an option to get a professional-grade stretch wrap that is best for long-distance moves.

How to use plastic wrap when moving home

Here are some of the best ways to use plastic wrap for protecting your stuff during your home move.

Dust off your furniture

The first step is to dust off the furniture before covering it with a shrink wrap. Dirt and dust settled on the surface of the wooden item can cause stains or scratches on the valuable furniture. Take a clean damp cloth to wipe the upholstered furniture and give it some time to dry before further packing it. A dry and soft cloth can be used to clean the wooden item.

Disassemble your furniture

Bulky and large-sized furniture is difficult to carry. Therefore, it is best to disassemble the detachable parts of the furniture to reduce the load. Then to provide extra protection cover all the disassembled parts of the furniture with blankets or furniture pads before wrapping them with stretchy wraps.

Cover your furniture with plastic wrap

Now is the time to wrap the parts and main body of the furniture with plastic wrap so that they remain together in one place. Make sure you provide strong covering by wrapping it around quite a few times.

Look for the corners of furniture

Corners of the furniture if left unprotected can be damaged and can also leave scratches on the walls of your new house. Thus, it is important to use stretch wrap to secure protective pads around the corners before wrapping them further with blankets or plastic wrap.

Pack drawers of your cupboards

Whether you detach the doors or drawers from the cupboards, it is necessary to wrap them with plastic wraps to secure them to prevent falling out during the transition. Also, keep power chords and wires in one place so that they don’t drag.

Wrap your artwork

Plastic wrap is a user-friendly and affordable packing material that can also be used to cover valuable artwork. Protect your expensive paintings by covering them with plastic wrap.

Use plastic wrap for a safer, break-free move

If you do not have any experience of securing your items with plastic wrap then it is always better to get help from professional movers. They are specialized in packing valuable possessions by using plastic wrap. The movers will first clean all your items and then cover them with shrink wrap to prevent any kind of damage.