The top five online video editors for freelancers in 2022

Are you a beginner freelancer who’s looking for free video editing software? Or a seasoned blogger who wants to add a particular flavor to your stories or YouTube videos with the help of a professional video editor? If so, read on for answers to your questions.   

It’s a rare person who doesn’t want to work from the comfort of their home and take on only those projects they find creative, engaging, and most rewarding. And this is exactly what most freelancers now do.

It doesn’t matter what the industry, freelancers need to constantly hone their creativity and showcase their professional skills through their projects to attract potential clients and keep the money coming in. And video editing skills are increasingly one of the most valuable skills a freelancer can have these days.

Web designers, videographers, journalists, composers, artists, photographers, and many more people who chose to earn their living as freelancers can now take advantage of dedicated video editing tools. So where can you find the best video editing software for your own projects?

Using a video editing service vs editing on your own 

Many freelancers can find themselves stuck between choosing to use professional video editing services or make use of one of the many video editing freelancer tools on the market today. 

Of course, there is no straightforward answer as to whether you should rely on professional video editing service providers or try to manage your projects by yourself. It depends on your skills, the amount of time you have at your disposal, and your budget, of course.

However, it’s important to bear in mind that you don’t need to purchase and install expensive software anymore and study long to master some basic editing skills today. Modern video editing software can do most of the editing job for you by employing AI-powered and other technologies that make the editing process a breeze.

These tools also make manual tasks such as removing video backgrounds, creating thumbnails, adding filters, and reducing background noise easy these days as they come with presets and templates that let you make changes with a click or two.

What’s more, you can find plenty of editing tools that can serve your individual needs. You can start using video editing software free of charge or purchase a pro version of a robust online video editor right now! But at first, you would be well advised to check out a short list of the top five online video editors for freelancers. Here are five options to consider.

1) Lightworks 

Any freelancers who are new to video editing will appreciate Lightworks’ ease of use and versatility of editing tools for content creators. You trim and crop your videos, sync clips shot on different devices, add transitions and effects to your video projects, and collaborate on them.

This handy tool also offers a wide array of effective social media export templates and grants access to a rich library of licensed audio tracks and stock videos.  

2) Movavi Video Editor Plus

Arguably, Movavi Video Editor Plus is the best auto video editor available on the market in terms of its simplicity, straightforwardness, speed, and value for money. 

Movavi Video Editor Plus can help you quickly edit your videos on a PC or laptop. This tool will automatically select the right audios and transitions for your video project and spice it up with eye-catching visuals.

There is a wide selection of backgrounds, animations, and ready-made intro templates for you to choose from. So, you won’t need to spend too much time learning the ropes of video editing to start using Video Editor Plus. 

3) VideoProc

VideoProc developers bill their creation as one-stop video processing software, and for a good reason. This tool is ideal for quickly resizing, converting, and editing large media files at an impressive speed. You can quickly process your videos taken on an iPhone camcorder, GoPro, and other portable devices.

You can make some basic edits to your footage or employ advanced tools to stabilize shaky videos, fix fisheye lens distortions, reduce visible noise or remove it altogether, etc. Also, their VideoProc offers you fascinating 4K video editing features that will help you create professional-looking videos quickly and effortlessly. 

Though they offer you to download VideoProc as a free video editor, you’ll still need to get a paid version to use it to the fullest.  

4) Kapwing

 If you’re looking for free editing software, you can do worse than opt for the Kapwing video editor. It’s a straightforward online video editor which enables users to create beautiful videos clips, cut out unwanted scenes, and enhance videos with transitions, bold captions, and animations.

You can also import favorite videos from YouTube and incorporate them into your projects or choose media files from the Kapwing media library. Finally, there are cool collaborative features that will come in handy if you work in a team.   

5) WeVideo 

WeVideo is another free online video editor well worth your attention. This easy-to-use editor is ideal for both novice and professional users who want to create videos on any device within the shortest possible time. 

WeVideo is long on great templates which you can customize to your liking and add a personal look to your videos. What’s more, WeVideo boasts one of the most generous stock media libraries, where you can find the best audio tracks, images, and royalty-free videos. There is also a built-in online meme maker, green screen, and other advanced features worth checking out.  

Now you know there is no need to be well-versed in tech advancements and subtleties of video editing to create visually appealing projects. Become more competitive in the fast-growing freelance marketplace with the best video editing software and reach new heights in your industry!