The ten best cities for home buyers

Thinking of buying a home, but worried you are priced out of the market? Here are the ten best cities for home buyers.

Being a first-time homeowner is not easy. The frenzied spending spree that began during the pandemic has led to fierce competition. Other investors would win the house you hoped for if you didn’t offer cash or exceed the asking price.

With high competition in most real estate markets, buyers face affordability issues due to high home prices and mortgage rates. More buyers are considering moving out of state to find a home that fits their budget. We’ve compiled a list of affordable areas offering an attractive lifestyle.  

One of these locations is Arkansas.  If you have chosen Little Rock to buy the desired real estate, you should turn to real estate agents in Little Rock, AR, for qualified help. However, there are also other cities on our list, and these cities have many other attractive characteristics besides affordability. 

Check out the key reasons why you should consider one of these cities if you’re planning to buy a property.

1) Wichita, Kansas

Kansas’ largest city tops Zillow’s list because “it’s one of the cities where people spend the least amount of their income on rent and mortgage costs.” Falling costs have led to a recent surge in inventory, but competition remains. Wichita has a revitalized downtown, including Old Town, which was once a warehouse and is now home to various cafes, clubs, and a market.

One of the key things new home buyers like about Wichita is its heritage and connection to the American frontier. Explore the numerous architectural monuments and be amazed by the grandeur of this city.

2) Toledo, Ohio

In 2023, Toledo is among the ten cities with the lowest average housing prices. On average, real estate here costs just $115,000. Toledoans say their city combines traditional small-town hospitality with all the culture and amenities a family vacation could want. These include extensive nature trails, annual cultural events, the famous Toledo Mud Hens minor league baseball team, and the Toledo Zoo and Aquarium, named the number one zoo in the United States by USA Today. 

Downtown Toledo is in the midst of a major overhaul, which was approved in 2017. Two major projects are the new Glass City Convention Center and the upcoming Glass City Riverwalk. The project includes 300 acres of newly renovated waterfront green space, 8 miles of multi-use trails, beach access for boating, canoeing, rock climbing, interactive water slides, and downtown camping. 

3) Syracuse, New York

One of the best places to move to in 2023 is the city with the most snow. Despite its heavy snowfall, Syracuse has many key benefits for homeowners any time of year. Not far from the city is a thriving downtown called Armory Square. There are excellent restaurants, theaters, museums, and shops.

When the snow melts, residents can explore beautiful Onondaga Lake on a boat or bike. Rising mortgage rates have scared off some buyers, but buyers are watching the market and acting quickly when their dream home is on the market.

4) Akron, Ohio

Despite its large population, Akron feels like a small Midwestern town. A fun-filled northeast Ohio city and hometown of NBA legend LeBron James, Akron is the perfect destination for a weekend full of adventure. Columbus and Pittsburgh are only a few hours away, and Cleveland is 35 minutes away.

Known for its rich music scene, Akron offers an inspiring atmosphere. Clubs, restaurants, bars, and live music venues like Rock 3 Park feature great music from up-and-coming local acts.

5) Cleveland, Ohio

The city has a growing job market, an efficient healthcare system, a large number of restaurants and bars, and a large number of parks. Residents can also access a sprawling lake with many beaches and beautiful real estate. Another key advantage of buying real estate here is that the city has big plans. Here you can find something to do.

6) Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa has over 30 recreational and residential areas that create a diverse community. Visit the Philbrook Museum of Art and its gardens, or visit some of the galleries in the arts district on the free monthly Tulsa Art Tour. When you telecommute, you might be pleased to learn that the city of Tulsa is paying you to move here. The city is giving people a $10,000 grant to live in Tulsa for a year, provided they are remote workers.

7) Detroit, Michigan

Like many cities on this list, Detroit has recently been in the spotlight for massive urban regeneration. Living up to its name, the area is home to a brand new sports field. Canton is one of the fastest-growing communities in Michigan, home to more than 300 restaurants, shops, and numerous entertainment options. You have to see them believe in their comfort.

A large proportion of real estate in Detroit is for sale at low prices, with many different real estate options available.

8) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

This city has a lot to offer its new owners. Are you interested in museums? Visit the Andy Warhol Museum or the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. The cost of living in Pittsburgh is 5.5% lower than the national average; housing costs are 11% lower. This city is for those who want access to bars and nightlife while being close to downtown and a college. Also worth exploring is Lawrenceville, which has become Pittsburgh’s hottest neighborhood.

This city’s vibrant cultural scene, affordable living costs, and diverse neighborhoods make it an ideal destination for young adults, families, and those looking to retire in Pennsylvania.

9) St. Louis, Missouri

A city with 2.8 million inhabitants, St. Louis, is one of the largest cities in the Midwest; its accessibility and community feel like small-town America. With a thriving social scene, professional sports teams, pleasant weather, and some of the best public schools in the country, St. Louis is an ideal location for first-home buyers and young families.

The city values art and cultural institutions. Admission to the stunning zoo and museum quarter is free, thanks to a special property tax. With food, entertainment, culture, and art, the city offers a fantastic opportunity for buying real estate here at a good price.

10) Little Rock, Arkansas

The capital of Arkansas has earned a reputation as an exciting place to live among history buffs, foodies, and art lovers. Cultural attractions include the historic Arkansas State Capitol, the Museum of Discovery, and the Clinton Presidential Library. Residents can sample craft beer at the city’s many local breweries or grill out at one of the city’s great restaurants.

Little Rock is also popular among outdoor enthusiasts. The Ozark Mountains and Arkansas River provide a scenic backdrop for activities such as hiking, rock climbing, golf, boating, and fishing. Here, city life and nature are easily combined. You can walk your dog on the Arkansas River Trail and then head downtown for a nice dinner.

Thinking about moving in 2023?

Florida has boomed in popularity over the past few years.  As people flock to the Sunshine State, finding an affordable home has become more complex.  If you’re thinking of moving, it is essential to find a realtor in Florida to find the best home. 

When you are planning a move, be sure to make a list of your wants and needs. Do you value relationships with friends and family the most? Do you need lots of open spaces to explore? Are you interested in a thriving job market that will advance your career? Try to answer this. You may want to look around and rent a property before deciding where to stay.

It is also worth contacting a local real estate agent. After learning about your interests, they will be able to recommend specific properties and offer you services you may need during your move.