The rise of women in music production

Discover the trailblazing impact of women in music production through this article. Learn how artists shattered barriers and made significant contributions to the industry.

Women’s history in the music scene goes as far back as time immemorial. It is only possible to talk about music by talking about women. Although women may have occupied seemingly minor roles, they played a great part in the progress of music over the years. They have fought to take control of their music and center stage with accolades for their amazing talents.

These achievements would not have been possible without the likes of Kitty Wells. She and others in her time fought to break the gender bias against women in the music industry.
Women have dared to take on more prominent roles, from songwriters to vocalists, such as producers. They now produce, promote and direct their music with a passion that is out of this world and have the experience to share on such specific things as Ableton music production, FL Studio mixing, playlist submission, or Soundcloud promotion.

1) Linda Perry 

Linda Perry is a producer, musician, and songwriter best known for her work with the band “4 Non-Blondes.” For many years, she composed songs and performed on stages all over America. Perry is now the owner of two music labels and has started to produce songs. One example of music she produced is “Beautiful,” which Aguilera sang.

2) Sylvia Moy

One of the females to push for the inclusion of women in music is the now-late Sylvia Moy. She was among the earliest females to create their own music and write its lyrics. Despite the fact that she passed away sometime in 2017, her contributions to the music industry will never be forgotten.

3) Wondagurl

Oshunrinde Naomi Ebony, Aka Wondagurl, is among the world’s youngest producers. Naomi is a composer and executive producer who has worked with famous people like Kanye and Travis Scott.

After spotting her in a competition in Toronto, Boi-1da took her under his wing. She is not only talented, but she is also an award-winning record-breaking producer. Wondagurl is the first woman of color to be awarded best producer for her collaborations with other musicians. 

As these pioneering women expand their roles within the music industry, mastering the art of production has become crucial. Achieving the perfect sound mixing can significantly impact the resonance of a track. It’s essential for aspiring producers to explore innovative platforms and tools designed to refine their craft in music production and mastering.

4) Fatima Al Qadiri

Born of Kuwaiti descent, Fatima Al Qadiri is a talented artist who is gradually carving her name into stone in the music industry. Al Qadiri works with different styles of music, such as pop and classical music. She also starred in the feature film Atlantics, directed by Diop Mari.

5) Missy Elliott

American singer, songwriter, and producer Elliott Melissa Arnette goes under the alias Missy Elliott. She launched her singing career in an R&B girl band and has garnered Grammy nominations up to four times. One of the most prominent female rappers ever to be honored in the Musicians Hall of Fame is Missy. Her song “Hot Boyz,” which later underwent a remix, is well known.

These are just some of the women who have impacted the music scene

Finally, these women, through their work, have contributed tremendously to the music industry. The list above is just a few of the amazing women who have worked hard to leave their mark on the music scene. Hopefully, in the coming years, more women will continue to diversify and grow in their arts in the industry.