The red, beige and green flags of gifting

It’s that time of year again – when you need to figure out what to buy everyone in your life, from your significant other to the random person in the office you drew for Secret Santa.

It can be a real minefield to navigate. If your gift giving skills could use a bit of work, Max Spielmann has your back, with their red, beige and green flags of present giving. 

Red flag gifts

Here are three red flags that no one wants to unwrap at Christmas.

1) It doesn’t interest you at all

It’s good to try new things, but new things in the form of presents don’t always go down very well. A gift completely out of left field won’t always go down well, as it’s important to show that you at least know something about the recipient. Whether it’s a nod to a hobby of theirs or something that will make them laugh, make an effort to appeal to their interests. 

2) An obvious panic buy

There are certain ‘go-tos’ when it comes to giving gifts and you’re struggling, such as body spray gift sets, something in the novelty region, or socks. Some people are procrastinators when it comes to present buying, and before they know it, the Secret Santa deadline is upon them and they’re still coming up empty handed. Something’s better than nothing at all, right?

3) Age inappropriate

This red flag can also come under the umbrella of the last-minute panic buy, but grabbing the first semi-relevant item you see on the shelf can result in an inappropriate gift. Whether it’s an alcoholic gift for the mum-to-be in the office or an unsuitable card game, something that’s not appropriate for the recipient shows you’ve not put a great deal of thought into your purchase.

Beige flag gifts

Not quite as bad as red flags, here are three beige flags that will leave anyone feeling meh.

1) You’ve already got it

Neither a red flag nor a green flag, there’s nothing quite like the subtle disappointment of opening a gift that you’ve already got. Of course, the gift giver probably didn’t know you already had one – hence why it’s classed as a beige flag – but it just doesn’t quite have the same impact as something brand new.2

2) It’s always the same

You know the drill, once someone learns what you like, they take it and run with it. But they run with it every single year. This one lands firmly in the beige category because you like it – so that’s a win – but it gets monotonous after a few years.

3) Gift cards

Aah, the Marmite of the gift giving world: gift cards. Some people love them for the freedom they give to choose whatever you want, but others hate them. To us, gift cards are firmly in the beige category because ultimately, it depends on who it’s from. A gift card from work or a Secret Santa – that’s ok – but a gift card from your significant other? We’ll let you come to your own conclusions…

Green flag gifts

And finally, here are three green flag gifts people will love to see in their stocking.

1) It means something

You can always tell when someone has put their heart and soul into a gift. It’s clear that they’ve taken the time to really think about it, taking something about you and turning it into gift format. It doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve spent a lot of money on you, or it’s that extravagant, but when it pulls at the heartstrings, they’ve definitely pulled it out of the bag. 

2) It brings back memories

Leading on from the point above, the best gifts don’t have to be expensive or excessive. If a gift makes you remember the good times, brings a smile to your face, evokes aching belly laughs or makes happy tears roll down your cheeks, then that’s a win in our eyes.

3) It’s beautifully wrapped

Wrapping may not be every person’s forte, but it really does make all the difference. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube and wrapping inspiration on Pinterest to create some truly Insta-worthy creations. Take the time and make the effort to go the extra mile with your wrapping, and we promise the recipient will be grateful. 

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