The peculiarities of relocation to villas in Dubai Hills 

Thinking of moving to Dubai Hills in the UAE? Find out why it’s a perfect neighborhood for relocation, and the peculiarities of moving to Dubai Hills in 10 steps.

Real estate in Dubai is a great opportunity for a stable profit and income in foreign currency from long-term rental. Many foreigners invest in real estate in the UAE, which is constantly growing in value.

And of all the local real estate options, Villas in Dubai Hills for foreigners represents an potentially profitable opportunity to relocate for a permanent stay.

But to make the right choice when owning real estate in Dubai Hills in the UAE, it is crucial to understand the main trends in Dubai’s real estate market and identify the peculiarities of successful relocation. 

Key features of Dubai’s real estate market 

Here are some of the key features of Dubai’s real estate market.

Dubai is a commercial and financial center

Dubai is the largest commercial and financial center of the UAE and the Middle East. It has a stable economic situation, first-class infrastructure, high standard of living and speed of positive changes, favorable business conditions and low taxes. All this is a magnet for foreigners.

The real estate market in Dubai is flourishing 

The total amount of transactions during a year equals more than a billion dollars. Investors are interested in all types of properties available for sale: apartments, penthouses, villas in different price segments on both the primary and secondary market.

The terms of booking and buying are also impressive; apartments in some residential areas are sold within an hour. 

You have the option of a payment plan

More and more developers sell their projects with a payment plan. This is an interest-free installment plan. The developer gets the down payment and allows a buyer to split the rest of the sum. The deadline of the payment is finishing of construction or giving the keys to the owner. 

The owner may sell the property even before the full payment is made. The main condition of a deal is that at the time of the sale, the buyer must pay the developer at least 40% of the value of the object. At the time of resale, the new buyer pays the seller an amount equivalent to the 40% paid to the developer (+profit), and the remainder to the developer according to the payment plan. 

Dubai Hills: a brief overview 

Dubai Hills is an ambitious project of two giants in the sphere of real estate Meraas Holding and Emaar Properties. It is an almost perfect place for permanent stay that provides spaciousness, luxury, and coziness. 

The location of the new luxury area of Dubai is very well chosen; it is only three kilometers from the central business part of the city and is connected to it by a major transport artery.

To get from here to the main attractions, entertainment and shopping centers and the International Airport, it takes only 10 minutes. The area is rapidly developing mansions and townhouses, and the infrastructure will include everything you need for comfortable living and recreation.

The peculiarities of moving to Dubai Hills 

Relocation to any country requires considering all the pros and cons as well as thoughtful preparation and considerable investments. And the UAE is no exception.

Life in Dubai Hills in Dubai is not cheap, especially during the process of adaptation. For this reason, it is important to be ready for possible unpleasant issues and to think through the details of your relocation to Dubai. 

Here are 10 things to do when moving to Dubai Hills:

  1. Identify the reason for relocation and getting a visa 
  2. Become aware of culture and traditions of the UAE
  3. Move to Dubai
  4. Get a residential visa  
  5. Buy or rent a home in Dubai Hills 
  6. Decide on the means of transport 
  7. Open a bank account in Dubai Hills 
  8. Take out a medical insurance policy 
  9. Take care about the education of your children 
  10. Take care about the safety of your family 

The successful fulfillment of all the above-mentioned steps does not ensure 100% confidence that your relocation will be smooth and problem-free. However, it will definitely facilitate the process of adaptation and starting a new life in a new country. 

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