The pain-relieving effects of CBD oil after a workout

Muscle pain is almost inevitable after a workout, but that doesn’t mean you need to be in agonising pain the next day.

If you are suffering from post-workout muscle pain, you can buy over-the-counter pain relief. Or, if you prefer a more natural approach you can try essential oils.

Essential oils have been gaining in popularity for many years. From eucalyptus to lavender, different oils can ease muscle pain, tightness, swelling, and even help you to have a good night’s sleep.

Some oils can help relieve all four symptoms, while others are focused on one targeted relief. 

There is one particular type of oil that is having a ‘moment’ right now, and that is CBD oil, or Cannabidiol. CBD oil is a product that comes from cannabis, which is naturally found in marijuana plants.

But unlike marijuana, CBD does not get you high or give you any form of intoxication. According to an expert from, oils that use a broad spectrum of cannabis plants produce good effects as well as health benefits. 

You can now find it in your products like capsules, gummies, balms, and oil. It is believed that it can cure many common ailments. 

CBD oil can help to relieve pain

As far back as 2900 BC, marijuana has been widely used to treat pain. Today our technology is far more advanced, and scientists have discovered that some ingredients of CBD are responsible for its pain-relieving effects.

Our body contains an endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is involved in a process that regulates a variety of functions such as sleep, immune system, and pain.

Our body produces endocannabinoids, which are neurotransmitters that tie up to cannabinoid receptors in your nervous system. Studies have shown that products containing CBD, like CBD muscle balm and CBD oil, may help ease pain and inflammation in the body. It is also worth noting that THC, which is a similar cannabinoid, may also be able to do this. If you’d like to try THC as well, you can find the choices here.

CBD oil can help you to sleep better

After expending energy at the gym, all you want to do is to relax and sleep. CBD oil for sleep can help alleviate insomnia by calming and relaxing you, which can help to improve the quality of your sleep and enable you to stay asleep longer.

Many people who use CBD oil anecdotally report enjoying better sleep patterns. This could be because of CBD’s pain relief components, which enables you to get a good night’s rest, undisturbed by pain.

CBD oil can help you with stress

An intense workout can greatly increase stress in your body, and being subjected to stress can impact your social life and mental and physical health.

A study performed in 2010 showed that CBD helps reduce stress and anxiety in people. The study found that CBD not only helps to reduce stress, but actually changes our brain’s interaction with the way it thinks. So CBD oil is a natural way to reduce the daily stress that is keeping you from living your best life.

So, to round up, if you are suffering from pain caused by working out, you might find CBD oils helpful in relieving pain and getting a good night’s sleep.

Research on other possible benefits of CBD oil is still ongoing, and more is yet to be discovered. However, it’s always important to note that if your pain continues, it’s wise to speak to a doctor.