The number one way to monetize your indie game in 2021

Developing video games can be one of the most time-consuming, daunting tasks, especially when you’re working on a low budget with a small team or running solo.

We can only imagine how tough it can be to finally create a fully functional game with a beginning, a middle, and an end, only to find that no one is buying your game.

Well, it’s perfectly normal for your first few video games not to be absolute bangers in revenue, but you shouldn’t be discouraged. In this article you’ll discover essential tactics to monetize your indie game in 2021 that you can start implementing today.

Get seen

This one is obvious, but we must state it. Getting seen is the most critical aspect of monetizing ANYTHING IN ANY FIELD because most strategies that expect earning sales involve getting impressions and views.

People can’t decide to buy your game without first having seen it. Because sales and monetization are hinged on the amount of attention you can obtain and retain, we have prepared a few approaches to get your name out there so people can start determining whether your game is for them.

Use social media

Social media is going to be your best friend early on in the development of your game. Many video game developers miss this aspect of marketing, but the ones who get it right get it very right.

The best use of social media for indie game developers is the potential flood of content you can produce. As long as you have an extra 15-30 minutes after every development session, you have fresh, juicy content you can be sharing with your followers.

You’ll have to do some independent research for each social media platform – like when’s the best time to post, tags indie developers are using, how often to post, etc. Although the information below benefits developers a few months out from launch, developers at any stage can spin this in their favor.

Character design

If you are making a game that has a few different main characters, showcase that! Even if you aren’t the primary art designer on your team, and even if you’ve outsourced most of the art on your game, share pictures of your characters, and tag your pics appropriately.

Story and world building process

To expand on the character design, you can discuss story ideas on popular forums like Reddit or Discord (if you are in an active server). People are honest, and they will give you immediate feedback. The irony is you will most certainly receive input before and after your game comes out. However, if you wait until someone pays for it, it may be toxic. Surprisingly, the internet can be a very positive place if you let the community into your world. Talk about your characters’ backgrounds, and discuss your ideas for the world your game is set.

Gameplay mechanics

What’s better than spending hours or even days trying to solve a physics issue in your game and finally fixing it after all that time? Sharing it with others who might be sharing that same pain. Talk about your struggles online (you don’t have to show your face if you don’t want to.) Just do a simple voice-over using your phone’s mic if you don’t have a professional one. That inlet to your world will invite so much positive attention that by the time your game comes out, people will be yearning to experience your hard work.

What if your indie game is already completed?

Let’s say you’re either close to or post-completion of your game. This doesn’t change anything. Games aren’t launched at perfection these days. There will always be opportunities to improve, update, and debug your game.

With that said, use those opportunities to fulfill the advice provided above. Social media is an indie developer’s best friend. You guys receive so much support from the gaming and tech communities because we all know how difficult and time-consuming that commitment is. Let the love from the squad carry you to the top. Share your story, and you’ll get seen, and getting seen – MARKETING – is the fastest way to monetize your game. It isn’t easy, but it’s your best shot.

There are many other ways, but these are here to get your juices flowing on the truth about monetizing your game. If you thought this was helpful in any way, let us know in the comments. Also, tell us your experiences with monetizing your game if you’ve already reached that point.

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