The most classic Burberry pieces of all time

Known over the years as fashion’s most quintessentially British brand, Burberry has grown to become one of the most distinct and highly valuable luxury fashion brands today.

Thanks to its dedication to innovation and emphasis on quality, and exemplary attention to marketing, the brand has emerged as a top brand in the fashion industry.

Burberry is probably best known for its iconic trench coat and other forms of outdoor wear. The company is a fine representation of a top-class fashion brand that has been highly admired for many generations.

Burberry pieces are the embodiment of amazing designs, authentic fabric quality, and stunning attention to detail. The fashion house’s iconic beige fabric that is used to make its clothes and accessories is highly distinctive and much-coveted, driving billions in sales for the company.

Wondering what pieces to treat yourself or a loved one to? Here’s a quick run down of the most sought after Burberry men’s pieces.

The Burberry coat

This is perhaps the most memorable trademark of the brand. Typically worn as a rain jacket and a windbreaker during the spring and autumn, the famous Burberry coat is the embodiment of style and class for many fashion stylists.  

The brand only uses the highest quality fabrics and materials, and is dedicated to the details that go into the process of making the Burberry coat. Believe it or not, it takes about three weeks to make a single piece of this classic item. 

It’s pretty much universally agreed that the Burberry trench coat will never go out of fashion, making it a wise style investment.

The Burberry scarf

This fantastic and classy piece is a must-have fashion item. The Burberry scarf is one of those unique pieces of fashion that almost anyone who considers themselves a style-lover will have inside their wardrobe. 

Like the Burberry trench, the scarf is such a classic design that it’s unlikely to ever fall out of favour.

The Burberry shirt

This piece has elegance written all over it. It holds a class appeal and fits perfectly with just about all sorts of outfits.

The Burberry shirt is exquisitely made and is designed to look flattering on almost any size or shape body frame. The shirts can be found in casual and classic styles, and the most popular colors are light blue, pink, and beige.

The Burberry cap

The classic newsboy cap made with the very distinctive Burberry check has been all the rage for years now, and is one of the highly sought after items from the fashion brand.

The cap does not cost as much as other pieces, but it is a smart and versatile luxurious piece that’s just as well made.

Elegance doesn’t go out of style

Burberry is known for its luxurious yet understated style, and it’s classic style and excellent craftsmanship ensures makes it a wise investment that is unlikely to go out of style any time soon.

Clothes from the brand are sleek, stylish, timeless, and classic. And, simply put, you can’t put a price on that.