The influence of Maltese and Anjouan licenses on the global iGaming markets

Two major countries, Anjouan and Malta, have grown into formidable licensing choices for iGaming firms in the online gaming industry.

Having Malta and Anjouan gaming licenses offers up potential foreign markets. IGaming firms may enhance income and customers by taking use of Anjouan’s popularity and Malta’s reputation.

Malta is a top online gambling destination

Malta, a Mediterranean island, has long hosted internet gambling. Over 26.2 million gaming accounts and 10% of online gaming businesses were there in 2023. This made Malta online gaming license safe and easy to keep an eye on. 

The legal framework of Malta

Malta was a pioneer in EU internet gaming regulation. It keeps its gaming laws up to date all the time to protect users, stop money laundering, and follow EU rules. Bill 55, which shields license holders from judgments rendered by foreign courts, and the Gaming Act of 2018 have both contributed to Malta’s growing reputation as a trustworthy licensing country.

Malta license benefits: The essentials

  • Malta’s Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is known for player safety and strict oversight, so operators and players may trust it.
  • Malta’s regulatory system balances strictness and flexibility. It allows operators to innovate while maintaining company integrity.
  • Malta has a favorable tax environment, and its extensive tax imputation structure lets gaming enterprises pay as little as 5% effective taxes.
  • Multilingual and skilled workers populate the nation. It simplifies hiring online gamers.
  • Malta offers data centers and telecom services. Gambling enterprises need it.

The growing popularity of Anjouan

The small island of Anjouan in the Comoros archipelago is becoming a favorite license destination because of its low rates and simple licensing process. Operators seeking rapid growth may find this jurisdiction intriguing owing to its various perks.

  1. The Anjouan Gaming License is leading the iGaming industry because of its benefits for operators.
  2. Anjouan is known for cheap licensing. This jurisdiction offers cheaper license fees than many others. So it makes it a good choice for new enterprises.
  3. Simplified Application: Anjouan’s licensing process is quick. Operators may reduce downtime and speed up their iGaming market entry by starting operations sooner.
  4. Your Anjouan license may help you access new African, Latin American, Asian, and other markets. These industries are growing and may have less rivalry than established enterprises.
  5. Anjouan allows businesses to adapt to market needs and changes.
  6. Anjouan’s tax framework makes iGaming businesses more financially viable.

Anjouan license boosts integrity and production. Anjouan’s agility and cost allow you to go into growing markets in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and beyond. it is a great solution to start and test, while Maltese license is for further steps and reputation boost. 

You need to chose the right iGaming licence

As iGaming increases, selecting the correct license is vital for worldwide development. Malta has a stellar reputation and European market access. An Anjouan license fits for start-ups and opens various foreign markets, providing a strategic edge. 

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