The importance of spending quality time with your children

Are you spending enough quality time with your children? Time is so valuable and a significant ingredient in the parent-child bonding process. Indeed, it is the most priceless thing you can give to your child.

Spending time with your child does not mean giving them an hour of your time. For parents, a ‘productive’ hour may mean watching TV, going to the movies, or having lunch at a local restaurant.

But to your child, this is not sufficient for deep bonding. This kind of bonding is precisely what makes spending quality time with your child so important. 

How much quality time do parents spend with their children?

Today, parents spend more time with their kids than their parents did. On average, parents today spend nearly two hours with their children daily. In contrast, parents from 50 years ago spent less than an hour with their kids. 

The result: unlike prior generations, children today are more attentive. During the early years of their lives, time spent with the parent does not impact the future of the child. However, this begins to change as they approach adolescence, where quality time matters more than ever. 

This becomes kind of a scorecard, where parents justify how good they are at parenting based on the amount of time they spend with their kids. However, quality time is not the same as quantity. 

Think about this for a moment, do you remember a time when your dad starred aimlessly at a newspaper while you tried to speak to him? Or do you remember the time when you spent the afternoon playing board games with your dad?

With that in mind, don’t get stressed over the number of hours you should be putting on your child, as if you are clocking time for a parenting pay-out. 

The benefits of spending time with your child

So, why is spending quality time with your child so important? What are the benefits of spending time with your child? Here are five important benefits:

  1. Being there for your child – The true meaning of spending quality time with your child is to be able to call him/her your own.
  2. Reducing stress – Maintaining your job, studying, parenting, and other duties can be stressful, but spending time with your child can act as a stress-buster.
  3. Strengthening your parental bond – Spending time with your child can help you secure an unbreakable bond for mutual emotional well-being.
  4. Fostering a loving environment – When there is harmony between the parents and the child, it resonates around the home and creates a loving environment. 
  5. Learning to appreciate your child – As your family grows, you begin to have a mix of personalities, and only when you spend quality time with your kids, you start to appreciate the diversity. 

The most important benefit of spending time with your children is the impact it has on bonding and ties with them. As they grow up, your children need a sense of security and belonging. This platform allows them to share, talk, and listen. 

Truth be told, your kids will talk and listen to you more if they are attached to you through quality time shared. This micro-moment matters most to your kids, especially when they are taking their first steps towards adulthood.

As such, do not think of it as putting in parenting points, but creating memories for your child. 

Five ways to spend quality time with your kids

If you are looking to spend quality time with your kids, here are five ideas to make the most of the time you have.

 1) Schedule time for your child

Set aside time for activities with your child. If your partner is also free, you can turn the time into a family fun time. However, if they are not free, take turns with your child before dinner and bedtime.

Make sure that you give your child undivided attention and follow through with what they want. 

2) Make the time special

It is in the small, consistent hours spent with your child that create great memories for both of you. It is not enough that you are present in the room with your child. This time should be set aside to put your child at the center of all your attention. 

3) Help them to understand they are special

Clarify to your child and make them understand that you are setting aside a special time for them. Let your child understand that you are doing this because they are special to you. 

4) Allow your child to decide on the activity

Whether they want a pillow fight, dirt biking, riding on a ride on toy, making lemonade, or making friendship bracelets, let your child choose the activity to make them happier. If you are looking for a ride on toy, check out these ride on cars from fit2bmom.

5) Keep all distractions away during this time

When you are spending time with your child; be sure to turn off all technology. Keep away your smartphone, and avoid doing any chores around the house at the same time.

Do not send messages or receive calls during this time. And don’t watch TV or listen to music, unless it is part of the activity your child wants you to take part in. 

How can you spend quality time with your children?

Keep in mind that spending quality time with your child does not have to be complicated or difficult. All you need to do is make it fun and memorable.

So next time when you have some time in your hands, put your smartphone down and get down on the floor with your kids. Play with your children, and you will be amazed at how unique each one is. 

Photo by Jessica Rockowitz