The five most popular inline shopping websites for students

Everybody loves shopping. And even when you have no time, and you are short of money, you can still buy something great looking in online stores. 

In today’s digital world, we can do practically everything using our smartphone. We can talk to friends who are far away, order food, do homework (or pay for it using such services as custom essay help or the one described in a speedypaper review), watch movies, work, and, of course, we can shop.

Today more and more people are choosing shopping online to visiting our local high street shops, and there is a good reason for this. When you shop online you have more choice, and it’s much easier to compare prices and check review to ensure the product you’re buying is worth the money.

According to statistics, Americans spend $112 billion online yearly, which makes 9% of total retail sales. And there is no surprise that the biggest group of online shoppers are young people, such as college students.

Students are time and money poor 

Students are often short of time and money as they’re trying to juggle their college assignments with part time jobs and socialising – and they usually need to pay for college loans, too.

And while the internet offers ever more accessible short cuts for completing college work (just look at the popularity of search terms like pay for essays, the ever-popular write my essay cheap and the straightforward do my homework), it still doesn’t answer the problem of being on a strict budget as a student.

So no surprise that students today like to scour websites for bargains. After all, they have a significant amount of outgoings to cover – from accommodation, tuition and living essentials, to clothes, makeup and study materials.

The five most popular inline shopping websites for students

According to a recent survey of US students, here are the top five websites they shop with most often.

1) eBay

You can pretty much find everything you need on eBay – from books and clothes to tech gadgets and nice presents. You also have an option to sell the things you don’t need anymore, which gives students the perfect opportunity to get a good deal.

The auction has a number of top retailers and great offers that you won’t find offline. And even though the website doesn’t have any discounts for students, it’s still one of the best places to get a good deal;

2) Amazon

Amazon offers deals of the day, and an entire list of cool things you can browse through as well as suggestions based on your choices. But be careful, impulsive purchases happen here!

According to statistics, 43% of all US online sales go through Amazon, and you can get 50% off the price using Amazon student membership.

As a prime member, you can use the trial period for half a year with unlimited streaming, storage and exclusive deals. 50 million items are waiting for you on Amazon with free two-day shipping;

3) Groupon

Groupon offers some of the cheapest prices for goods, hotels, cafes, entertainment and other services, so no surprise that is loved by students so much.

It has a special 25% discount for students for food, drinks and fun including massage, activities like concerts and fitness classes. You also get 15% off local deals: just show your student ID and enjoy the benefits;

4) Etsy

Etsy is aimed at handcrafted products both for men and women. Here you can find something creative for yourself or as a gift.

And even though there are no official student discounts, many of the items for sale are inexpensive, and many are handmade products. This marketplace is also one of the most popular websites where you can buy vintage pieces, which are often popular with students.

5) AliExpress

Pretty much everybody has heard of AliExpress. And if you can get past the weird descriptions and long delivery waits, you can find some good, interesting, and extremely affordable deals. You may need to browse for a while to find bargains, but when you do find them they’re more than worth it.