The five most Googled bank holiday cleaning questions answered

How are you planning to spend the bank holiday weekend? Google search trends suggests that, rather than Easter egg hunts, most people will spend it cleaning!

According to Google trend data, the search term, spring cleaning has received a 495% uplift in the last month alone.

Such a significant rise reflects the nation’s desire to practice the tradition of spring cleaning. In this article Andrew Haydon at Simply Plastics answers the five most Googled spring-cleaning questions of the last month.

1) How to clean grouting – 326.91% uplift

Bicarbonate of soda acts as a moderate form of alkali. When mixed with water, bicarbonate of soda will work to dissolve mould, grit, and grime. Add small amounts of water to the bicarbonate and it will form a nontoxic paste that can then be applied to grout with the likes of a toothbrush. Using an old head on an electric toothbrush ensures that less manual work is required.

You can futureproof youre grouting by applying splash back screens to high-risk areas such as the sinks in bathrooms and kitchens. This will see that you will only need to clean over the screen once you cook, and rarely clean the grouting at all.

2) Best way to clean windows – 285.52% uplift

Cleaning windows without leaving streaks can be tricky. Vacuuming your windows before applying product ensures that a build up of dust is not smeared across the window as you clean with a cloth or worse, become engrained within the cleaning product.

To deep clean your windows, don’t reach for the typical glass cleaner. Instead, think like a professional window cleaner. Mix washing up liquid with warm soapy water and apply to the window with a sponge. Once the soapy mixture is applied evenly, use a squeegee to remove. Once this is completed, use your usual window cleaner with a microfibre cloth. This will work to avoid streaks.

If your home features the likes of secondary glazing, avoid using products with anomia, as this may damage the surface of polycarbonate/acrylic secondary glazing.

Cleaning your greenhouse is crucial as clean windowpanes will ensure that maximum light can enter it for the plants to access. Ensure that all electric sockets are covered and remove all contents from the greenhouse. Use soap and hot water to clean surfaces.

Disinfect surfaces with a natural disinfectant to eliminate algae, fungus, and bacteria. Use a hose to remove soap from all areas, paying special attention to corners as this is where bugs will tend to reside.

If your greenhouse features plastic greenhouse glass, avoid using products such as white spirit, as this will likely damage the outer layers of plastic. Only use a soft sponge or better yet, a cloth to avoid scratching the surface of the plastic.

3) How to clean a playhouse – 273.09% uplift

Playhouses are often kept outside all year round, leaving them open to all seasons. To effectively clean playhouses, mix white wine vinegar (to kill the germs) and washing up liquid (to break down dirt),with warm water.

Wipe down surfaces with the solution. If the playhouse has acquired mould, use diluted bleach and scourers. To avoid outdoor toys smelling of white wine vinegar or bleach, add some essential oils to the mixture.

4) How to clean lighting – 350% uplift

If the light is a fixture, remove in its entirety and place into a bowl of warm soapy water. Whilst the fixture is soaking, wipe the bulbs (ensuring that they are cool), with a damp cloth. LED bulbs are always cool, so there is no need to wait. Once the fitting is removed from the water, dry with a microfibre cloth.  

5) How often should I deep clean – 200% uplift

Here’s how often it is recommended to deep clean:

  • Daily: Kitchen surfaces, dishes, shower screen, splashback screens, tidy living spaces
  • Weekly: Vacuum, mop, clean microwave, clean and sanitise kitchen and bathroom, dust surfaces
  • Monthly: Clean oven, dust blinds, clean fridge, vacuum behind furniture, spot clean walls.
  • Yearly: deep clean sofas, curtains, lightbulbs and fittings, carpet clean, clean greenhouse, shed, outdoor toys.