The five biggest interior trends for 2022, according to experts

Thinking about giving your home a new look? Home interior experts from Cox & Cox have revealed the hottest interior trends of 2022, providing all the inspiration you’ll need. 

The last couple of years has certainly thrown us all a curveball. This period has seen us simultaneously spending more time at home than ever while also being limited in being able to host guests. So, unless you’ve used this time to get stuck into some DIY, your house might not exactly resemble a show home. But with 2022 just around the corner, we’re optimistic that an era of family gatherings, dinner parties and social get togethers is ahead of us.

If your home is in need of a refresh or restyle, and you’re on the lookout for some inspiration, then you’re in luck. We’ve teamed up with interior experts from Cox & Cox for insight into the biggest trends and most stylish home décor themes of the moment.

1) Cottage core

If you love florals, vintage accessories and a whimsical countryside aesthetic, the ‘cottage core’ trend is absolutely for you. This style works particularly well if you have any original features in your home, such as exposed beams or original floorboards, though it can be achieved without these too. Think romantic botanic wallpapers, wooden furnishings and a muted colour palette of neutral tones and pastels.

The all-important final addition is vases filled with flowers, whether these be freshly picked, dried or even a neutral dried flower bouquet.

2) Coastal

There’s something really special about being beside the sea, so 2022 is all about recreating this feeling at home. The coastal trend brings white-washed wood and nautical shades of grey and blue together to deliver a fresh and airy aesthetic, evoking the sensations of sea breeze and waves breaking in the distance.

Channel coastal chic with fresh white linen soft furnishings, natural textures and the odd stripe or two. Extend the theme into your outdoor space with some glimmering outdoor lights – or even place some fairy lights indoors – to create the impression of the indoor-outdoor beach hut experience. 

3) Art deco

Having originally been born just after WWI, Art Deco design is back in style, with its rich colours, strong lines, and exaggerated curves. To achieve a modern take on this fun yet elegant trend, opt for vibrant jewel tones and decorate with shapely accent furniture, luxurious materials, and eye-catching accessories.

Scalloped edges, zig zag patterns and metallic finishes are all characteristic of the trend. Bring in bold geometric artwork or statement vases to really do the theme justice. 

4) Nature-inspired colours

One of the hottest colours of 2022 is most certainly going to be green. From deep emerald and oceanic tones to earthy and herby hues, it’s time to be inspired by nature’s colour palette. Houseplants will have the opportunity to take centre stage – think leafy palms and quirky succulents – surrounded by green soft furnishings and painted walls. Add tactile rugs, cushions and throws to the mix to add an organic texture to the nature-inspired décor. 

5) Zen minimalism  

Minimalism is certainly nothing new – we have Scandinavian style to thank for its recent popularity – and it looks as though it’s well and truly here to stay in the new year, so get ready to remove the clutter and strip things back. A zen interpretation of minimalism is the approach going into 2022, ensuring our homes are as relaxing and soothing as possible.

This means marrying a muted, neutral colour palette with natural materials such as light woods, soft lighting, and lots of houseplants to create an overall calming ambience. 

Hopefully our trend run roundup has provided you with some valuable inspiration to transform your home into the stylish environment you want it to be. Here’s to 2022 bringing plenty of opportunity to show your revamped space off to all of your family and friends! 

Photo by Vicky Sim