The five best instructional video production companies (2024)

In today’s digital age, traditional training methods are being replaced with dynamic, engaging, and effective instructional videos.

Whether it’s for corporate training or educational purposes, the quality of an instructional video can significantly influence the learning experience. Recognizing the right video production company is crucial to ensure that your content not only captures attention but also delivers information effectively.

In this article we explore the top five instructional video production companies of 2024 that stand out in the industry.

1) Zelios Agency

Zelios Agency is an innovative video production company specializing in AI, SaaS, and tech industries. We streamline the entire production process, from planning to animation, making complex messages clear and engaging. We combine creativity with practical tools to help clients make impactful videos that resonate with their audience.


  • Specialized in technology-related content.
  • Comprehensive services from start to finish.
  • Innovative tools like Zelios Quiz for better planning and budgeting.
  • High-quality, creative video production.
  • Cost-effective solutions.


  • Primarily serves tech industries, which might be less relevant for other sectors.
  • Newer company with a less established reputation.
  • Potential limits in resources as a growing firm.

2) Second Home Studios

Initially started as a visual provider for theater productions, Second Home Studios has transformed into a powerhouse for animated corporate training videos. They leverage their skilled team of creatives to produce compelling and informative content, primarily distributed across various social media platforms.


  • Specialized in animated explainer videos.
  • Rich portfolio showcasing product training videos.
  • Creative and dedicated production team.


  • Lack of transparent pricing.
  • Premium costs for expedited services.

3) Wow-How Studio

Wow-How Studio is renowned for its effective employee training videos and promotional content. Their commitment to fostering strong client relationships and encouraging creativity makes them a preferred choice. The studio’s emphasis on animation enhances learning retention, which is critical in training environments.


  • Excellent customer service.
  • Innovative and original content.
  • Experience with renowned global brands.


  • Pricing information is not readily available.
  • Some feedback points to variability in video quality.

4) Dream Engine

With a focus on client goals and high-quality outputs, Dream Engine prides itself on producing instructional videos that are not only engaging but also result-driven. Their approach is tailored to meet the specific needs of their clients, ensuring that the final product effectively conveys the intended message.


  • Goal-oriented production strategy.
  • Engaging and innovative video content.
  • Managed workflow for better results.


  • Pricing details are not disclosed.
  • Customer service responsiveness could be improved.

5) Explainify

Explainify is a company that creates short animated videos to explain complex ideas. They are experts at making difficult concepts easy to understand. Their videos work especially well for companies that need to communicate important information clearly and concisely. Explainify is well-regarded by both start-ups and established brands.


  • The expert team focused on professional and personal growth.
  • Noteworthy client list.
  • Efficient and effective video production workflow.


  • Occasional concerns over video quality.
  • Project turnaround times could be optimized.

Choose the right video production company

Choose the right video production company to enhance your training programs. Empower your team with top-tier instructional videos to transform their learning outcomes. For pricing and services, reach out directly to companies or explore reviews and testimonials. Invest in quality video content to unlock the full potential of your training initiatives.