The five best instagram tools for boosting your engagement

As many of you know, Instagram is wildly popular. But it’s also confusing to use. There are so many different aspects of the platform that it can be overwhelming to new users.

If you’re wondering which tools you can use to increase your engagement on Instagram, then this post is for you. There are many different things you can do to increase the engagement of your photos and videos, but sometimes it can be difficult to figure out what works best.

There are many Instagram marketing tools which offer a variety of benefits ,from automated publishing to organic growth. While it’s possible to spend a little money buying YouTube views, Instagram is a little more complex. 

You can use these tools to understand your audience better and grow followers. We’ve put together a list of the top five best Instagram tools for boosting engagement. Let’s begin!

The five best instagram tools for boosting your engagement

You’ve probably heard a huge difference between engagement on Facebook and Twitter, and Instagram. In spite of this, there are still plenty of ways to receive engagements.

 Instagram with the right tools. Instagram is changing every day, but one thing remains constant: You’re going to need a few tools to help boost your engagement. One such tool that has been gaining popularity is the AI Instagram post generator, designed to create engaging content tailored to your audience. Here are the best tools for boosting engagement on Instagram.

1) InstaGrowth Ninja

Suitable for artists, influencers, personal brands, and small businesses.

Price: There are three different pricing tiers offered by InstaGrowth: Basic ($59/month), Viral ($259/month), and Intermediate ($89/month). A four-day free trial is available.

InstaGrowth Ninja helps clients build a following on social media by becoming influencers and increasing website traffic. This will increase your Instagram account’s ROI (Return on Investment). It serves as a social media manager for planning improvements. You can use it to find your target market.

InstaGrowth Ninja will post a unique comment on the image that is relevant to your page. It searches for topics being discussed, hashtagged, and followed by real people who are interested in what you’re sharing. The direct message capacity is 30, and it likes 300 photos daily.


  • InstaGrowth Ninja will like and follow hundreds of people, then interact by commenting on their pictures.
  • It transmits 125 remarks each day.
  • Your business will experience a surge in visibility, opportunities, and repeat customers as a result of these actions taking place around the clock.
  • Many customers will return to your page after reading your comment, finding it interesting or helpful.

2) Combin Growth: The Greatest Instagram Tool Overall

Most suitable for small to medium-sized businesses.

Price: Free

Instagram follower growth, analysis, and interaction features are provided by Combin Growth. You may engage with your Instagram audience and get more real Instagram followers using Combin Growth. Combin Growth uses machine learning to conduct increased analysis and can recognize ineffective accounts and posts.

With this, it offers 90% accuracy. Combin Growth offers the tools you need to interact with your audience, monitor activity and growth, gain more Instagram followers, and find relevant hashtags, influencers, and rival accounts.


  • The growth tool will assist you in identifying those who do not return the favor.
  • With Instagram, growth can locate a target audience.
  • For your account, it can locate Instagram influencers.
  • It can keep an eye on audience activity and expansion.
  • You can customize your Instagram Grid Layout using a Scheduler.
  • You will be able to control several accounts at once.

3) vUse Instagram Follower Booster

Very effective for Growing Under 10K Pages Followers.

Price: Lifetime 59 dollars, with a free trial, also being offered.

The vUser Instagram Follower Booster is an interactive application that will attract attention to your page and encourage people to follow you. The tool visits your competitor’s page, whose audience is similar to that of the people you’re trying to attract. It then leaves likes and comments on this page so its target market will visit yours in an attempt at getting more followers. The creators of this bot say that it won’t ever be detected and prohibited by Instagram because it accurately mimics all human gestures, moving the mouse and typing just like a real person.


  • Dashboard and UI that is easy to use
  • Lifetime license
  • Boost the possibility of entering the explorer
  • Analysis of the Instagram image processing algorithm
  • Raising the number of interactions on your page
  • Bot for Instagram pod groups
  • Recognizing and eliminating fraudulent followers

4) Inflact

Ideal for Small and Medium Sized Companies and Freelancers.

Price: Inflact costs $3 for a seven-day trial period. These are its premium plans:

  • Base: $54 per month
  • A level: $64 per month
  • Pro: $84 per month

An Instagram-specific marketing tool is Inflact. Using this tool on the well-known media-sharing site, you can curate and publish endless movies, articles, and photographs. The platform provides users with a wealth of cutting-edge options vital for establishing devoted Instagram followers.

If you have an Instagram business page, you can use Inflact to interact with your followers and manage them automatically. The content management division is where it excels. Inflact can be a fantastic tool for increasing Instagram interaction because it can automatically schedule posts months in advance and create hashtags to draw viewers to your content.


  • Reaching Smart Audiences
  • The hashtag maker
  • Intelligent Post Scheduling
  • Influencer Analysis
  • Profiling Tool

5) SocialBee

Best for freelancers, digital marketing agencies, and small to mid-sized businesses.

Bootstrap Plan costs $19 per month, Accelerate Plan is $39 per month, and Pro is $79 per month. A 14-day free trial is additionally offered.

You can improve your Instagram game with the help of SocialBee. The app has a built-in media editor that lets you build single-image posts and carousel posts as well as stories before scheduling them to go live at a specific time and date.

Additionally, you can view a real-time grid preview of your Instagram Feed to get a feel for how it appears. SocialBee offers many ways to expand your platform reach and grow followers on Instagram. For instance, you can schedule a comment to appear as the first comment under your Instagram post automatically.


  • Editor for Bulk Posts
  • Posting of the first comment on time
  • Hashtag Archives
  • Tags and Mentions Addition
  • Page View

6) Onlypult

The tool is a perfect solution for freelancers and businesses of all sizes.

Cost: Onlypult offers four pricing tiers. The Start package costs $10.50 per month (and includes an annual billing option), the SMM is priced at $17.50/per month, Agency is $34-30 monthly, and Pro Plan customers pay a whopping 55 dollars every 30 days.

Onlypult is a social media management application with numerous functions like image & video editing, hashtag creation, link building, and cooperation. It can be used to post links to blogs or other sites. This Builder will control your social media traffic and boost revenue. You can manage several Twitter accounts from a single window, without having to change users. This will enable you to assess the number of followers each account has and its rate of growth, as well as determine when it makes sense for your company or organization’s tweets to be published.


  • Onlypult offers features including a calendar, hashtags, analytics, an image and video editor, a planner, etc.
  • It will enable you to manage many accounts at once.
  • It provides options for automatically deleting posts.
  • You can schedule posts and publish them instantly.
  • You can grant your SMM manager access to publish using delegation features without providing a password.
  • It is possible to analyze the most popular hashtags.

Ready to boost your engagement on Instagram?

Instagram is the fastest-growing social network, with 2000 million monthly active users, According to Statista. Although users on other well-known social networks appear more engaged, Instagram usage is increasing significantly while theirs is falling.

We hope that this blog post assisted you in introducing some fresh Instagram tools. Please let us know if you think we’re overlooking any useful Instagram tools, and we’ll test them out and provide our thoughts.