The casino games that are a big hit with women

They may have been different times, but casinos used to be seen as a largely male preserve. The high rollers were always portrayed as being men, women playing a far more secondary role.

Whatever the truth actually was, up to date statistics show that, while more men than women do play it’s only a difference of a few percentage points.

But where the difference may lie could be in the sorts of games that the two genders enjoy playing the most – and there is a definite bias on some online sites in particular who aim more towards women players. So which games in particular do women tend to head for when they want a little casino action?


It’s no big surprise that the sorts of casino slots games that feature on sites like Rainbow Riches Casino are so very popular. Slingo games, a blend of slots and bingo, have emerged as a notable trend in the online gaming community. Their distinct gameplay offers a different experience compared to traditional casino games. In fact, they are the most popular casino games of all, regardless of gender. 

But if you do take a look around and you will also soon see that among the many themes of the games many are undoubtedly directed towards women covering topics as wide ranging as history and myth as well as some having tie-ins with popular movies and TV shows.

Another appeal of slots games is that they offer the potential for really significant, and sometimes life-changing, wins for a relatively small stake, something that surely must appeal to all non UK casinos players, not just women!


Of all the casino games on offer, roulette is arguably the most glamorous as well as being one of the most exciting. There’s a real sense of drama as the dealer sets the little white ball spinning as players and onlookers wait to see where it will land.

For all of its simplicity, roulette also offers a fairly complex range of betting options and it’s this sophisticated element of the game that is sure to appeal.

And, while there may be a number of betting strategies and systems that some experts recommend, it’s the use of tactical betting that offers a greater chance of success.

Generally this involves covering as many numbers as possible with as minimal a stake that also fits in with the player’s budget. So the game offers an intellectual challenge as well as plenty of excitement.


Another game that needs considerable brain-power to succeed is the deceptively simple game of blackjack. Superficially, it is simply a question of pitting yourself against the dealer in order to get closer to scoring 21 with your cards.

However, behind this it’s a question of working out as accurately as possible whether the best move would be to take another card or stick where you are.

To help players, there’s something called the Basic Strategy. It comes in the form of a number of tables laying out all of the possible permutations of cards along with what, probability-wise, would be the move most likely to lead to a win. 

There’s no way round putting in the hours to memorise these tables. But once imbedded in the memory, they make for a good chance of success.


Quick thinking, rather than a feat of memory, is what is needed for success at craps. It’s a dice game that can also attract the sorts of crowds around the table that roulette does as it’s nothing if not absorbing to watch. 

Essentially, either a 7 or an 11 needs to be rolled if the player is going to win for a “natural” but there are various other bets that are also possible.

A large element of the appeal comes from the sheer speed and unpredictability of the game that really keeps players on their toes.

An interesting side-note is that it was a woman who achieved the near-impossible in craps – 154 rolls of the dice before throwing a 7. This was achieved by Patricia Demauro in a New Jersey casino in 2009 – at odds of around 1.56 trillion to one!

Bingo and Slingo

Although more and more men are now starting to play bingo games, this has traditionally been the go-to choice for women. This reputation is rooted in the bingo halls of old but online bingo is a very different game.

Every year it seems like more and more female-focused bingo sites spring up offering many different variations of the base game.

There has also been the relatively recent introduction of Slingo, an alluring combination of both slots and bingo. In this the aim is to complete as many rows, or Slingos, on the 5×5 grid as possible.

So, as you can see, the full gamut of casino games are a big hit with women today, putting pay to the old myth that it’s a man’s world in the casino.