The best type of underwear for sleeping or lounging in

Planning a night in? Get ideas for activities and discover the best type of underwear for sleeping or lounging in.

There’s nothing quite like a peaceful night of sleeping or a day/afternoon/evening spent lounging around. After all, one of the best ways to unwind is to simply be in the comfort of your home (or the home of a loved one) and to relax.

And what better way to relax than simply being in your underwear, ready to do a low-energy activity?

What do to on your cosy night in

If you’re stuck on an activity to do, there’s no shortage of ideas for a perfect night in:

  • You can put on your favorite movie, or binge-watch a TV show
  • Tackle some areas of your home that are long overdue for some organizing
  • Dive into a new solitary hobby, like writing, drawing, learning an instrument
  • Enjoy a DIY project (the options here are endless, based on your interests)
  • Read that book you’ve long wanted to crack open
  • Indulge in an at-home spa evening. All you need is face masks, hair conditioners, relaxing music, a nail cleaning kit, a towel or robe, and some candles or aroma therapy oil diffuser
  • Cook your favorite meal (including dessert)
  • Catch up on phone calls (personal or business)
  • Dance it out to your favorite music—whether you’re in a good mood or need to release some stress, dancing will automatically boost your happiness

As you enjoy all of these activities, you want to be as comfortable as possible. So, if you’re looking for the best type of underwear for sleeping or lounging, the answer is simple: go with cotton.

Why is cotton the best choice for underwear or loungewear?

Unlike synthetic materials that are often laced with numerous fabrics and created cheaply, cotton (especially organic cotton) is the best type of underwear for sleeping or lounging in—or at any time. Period.

That’s because it is an extremely breathable fabric that doesn’t lock in moisture. Plus, it’s super soft to the touch. Just think about the cotton sweater that you love so much. There’s no itching or irritation, which makes it the best choice of underwear to truly relax and be yourself in. 

Not only is it great to wear, but it’s durable. Cotton has a great ability that makes it stronger after it becomes wet after you wash it. If you’re a person who likes to be as clean as possible, it’s good to know that your cotton underwear won’t fade as quickly or stretch as other materials might. 

It can be difficult to find 100% cotton, especially on a budget. If you can find this, great. If not, materials that read 95 percent or 98 percent will work nearly as well. 

What style should you go with?

The style you go with can vary. Whether you’re a woman, a man, or those who don’t identify, the style of underwear should fit your mood. If you’re feeling a little more masculine, go with a pair of boxer briefs. To have a more innocent side of yourself revealed, both bikini or iconic briefs are a great style of underwear.

To straddle the line between the masculine and feminine you should opt for boy shorts. Trunks are a good option for those with slightly bigger legs. However, the one style to avoid would be a thong, as thongs can rub up against the skin and cause irritation (not the best for a true lounging experience).

The style of underwear you choose to sleep in or lounge around in should be comfortable for you. However, the best is usually the style that makes you feel the least restricted and your underparts able to breathe through the cotton fabric.

Find the best underwear to relax in for your night in

When it comes to a perfect night in, whether you’re sleeping or lounging around, the best underwear to relax in is undoubtedly one made of cotton. It doesn’t matter if they’re your first layer or only layer. You can pull a Risky Business move (go ahead, sing along to Bob Seger, there’s no judgment here) or wear all the comfort layers in your closet.

If you do go with a cotton pair as your only style of choice, choose one that will fit your mood and personality. After all, they make so many different styles for a reason—they are just begging you to order them all and wear as many as possible!