How do Instagram bots work?

Social media is an important marketing tool for many businesses today. But growing a valuable following isn’t easy. It takes a significant amount of time and effort – more than some businesses can spare.

And it’s not just time and effort. In order to build a successful account you also need to be aware of Instagram’s algorithms, and ensure that you meet their requirements. So no surprise that marketers can face problems when trying to promote Instagram accounts. It’s also why so many turn to the services of Instagram bot likers, and other AI-driven services. 

To help you learn more about Instagram bots, and why so many businesses today are using them, we explore what they can do and some of the considerations to take into account in this article.

What can bots can do on Instagram?

Bots have been developed to help with almost all online activities – and Instagram is no exception. They know how to follow the necessary accounts (mass following), like (mass liking), write simple comments, and much more.

That’s right; the best Instagram bot can even automate your commenting. You no longer have to write comments manually, an Instagram comment bot free will do it instead. The only thing you need to do is to control the Instagram comment bot on your smartphone. These services are used by some businesses to maintain a level of activity on an account the would not be possible manually.

In the early summer of 2021, Facebook (now Meta) added smart chatbots to Instagram that can communicate in DMs. At first, the functionality was open to business accounts with the lowest number of subscribers from 10k to 100k, a little later—starting from 1k. With the latest update bots can now work even in the smallest accounts.

Bots have a number of useful features. You can automate communication with subscribers and clients in direct messages, and you can add text, interactive buttons, and images. The bot can react when other people mention your company in Stories and respond to reactions to your Stories. But they still cannot write first, and mass texting is also limited. There is one particular interesting Instagram view bot which allows you to watch other people’s content anonymously, if you have the need.

Mass following, mass liking and mass looking

If you need a large number of new followers for your account, and this is a considered part of your business strategy (as something like this would need to be) you can use a bot for mass following, mass liking, and mass looking.

Mass following is an automatic subscription to the target audience’s accounts. It works like this: the account is connected to a special service, and a promotion is launched during which users subscribe to your account. As a result, some users begin to subscribe in response — thus new bot followers on Instagram are recruited. 

Mass looking is similar to the previous method, however there is no subscription involved as it just includes viewing Stories. This service appeared not so long ago, so its relevance is still at its peak. And finally, with mass liking, the posts of the target audience are found and marked as liked. It’s a practice that is used frequently, but it also gradually depletes itself, like the mass following.

The most important thing to bear in mind when using these methods is accuracy. Used too often, or without care and this strategy can be noticed and lead to your account being blocked. This is why, aside from the result you want to achieve with buying followers, likes and views, it’s important to consider the purpose of this kind of promotion, and how it can ultimately help your business.

How to promote your account on Instagram

Let’s say you wanted to increase the activity of your account and start leaving comments under the posts of your target audience. This could be, for example, your competitors’ followers. When you write a comment, people see it, and they become curious about who you are, so they visit your account.

This is why commenting is a good strategy to get attention. However, writing comments by hand takes too long and can be tedious when doing it in volume – even if you do it from a computer and just copy and paste the text. A comment bot on Instagram will do this job for you, and save you many hours. To start using the bot, go to the official Inflact website and register an account. 

Before you start using a bot, you need to prepare your Instagram account for the promotion. If you promote an unfinished account, then there will be very little point in it. It is important that your profile is attractive to your target audience. So let’s take a look at some of the things that can help you grow your popularity.

Step 1: Fill out your profile

  • Create an avatar that will attract visitors to your page.
  • Describe what you do – a couple of sentences are enough.
  • Use the keyword in your profile name and nickname – they are indexed by search engines.
  • Add more than 10 posts.
  • Create a custom hashtag – just add it to your posts. With hashtags, users will be able to find the publications they need.

Step 2: Analyze your target audience

Examine the accounts of your competitors and see which posts get a lot of comments and likes, what questions are asked by users, how often new posts are published. A detailed analysis of the target audience will help not only in promoting your account, but also the business as a whole.

Step 3: Write a content plan

Make a plan for what will be published and when. It is best to schedule a month in advance.

Step 4: Recruit your first subscribers

If your account has a few subscribers (from 0 to 20), then this will give new visitors to your profile little reason to trust you. It is advisable to do this manually – try to gain a live audience (about 100 subscribers).

If you are struggling, invite friends and acquaintances, and tell them that you are registered with Instagram on your website. You can also use mailing lists, and comment on the posts of competitors. As soon as you get a decent number of subscribers, you can start promoting your account.

Could Instagram bots be right for you?

Hopefully, this article has helped you get a basic understanding of how to use bots to gain followers on Instagram. It’s important to use a reliable service, like Inflact, that has an intuitive interface and useful features like smart targeting, growth analytics, influencer search, profile analyzer and advanced CRN features.

Many bot services enable you to interact automatically and manage customers or set a chatbot with auto-replies. So if you want to grow your Instagram account but are time poor, you may decide that using an Instagram bot could work for you.