The benefits of using a Bitcoin ATM

You may have heard that Bitcoin crypto is one of the best currencies globally. But you may not know that you can buy your digital coins from a Bitcoin ATM!

Yes, there are physical Bitcoin ATMs from which you can purchase cryptocurrency, making it quick, easy and convenient to invest in Bitcoin once you have a digital wallet.

There are several benefits to using a Bitcoin ATM machine, and it is convenient for beginners entering the crypto market. We’re already use to using apps like for trading so it can seem odd at first to use an ATM – usually associated with traditional fiat currencies. But once you get your head around the concept of Bitcoin ATMs, you’ll love their speed and convenience – and peace of mind security.

To help you understand more about Bitcoin ATMs we look at some of their key benefits in this article.

Benefit number 1 – speed

The first benefit of using a Bitcoin ATM to buy your digital currency is speed – you can complete your transaction in a fairly short space of time.

You don’t usually experience a delay with Bitcoin ATMs, as you can do when making a transaction on an exchange platform. Nor do you rely on a third person. The transaction usually happens speedily and smoothly, and you get a printed receipt from the Bitcoin ATM machine when you are finished.

Benefit number 2 – security

Another benefit of using Bitcoin ATM machines is you will get an excellent level of security, which is important when investing money and not something you get on every trading platform.

When you are using a Bitcoin ATM machines you need to pass through a security process in order to access your account, and the machine itself is reassuringly secure. And, as already mentioned, when you have completed your purchase you will receive a printed receipt.

Benefit number 3 – ease of use

The final benefit you can look forward to when using a Bitcoin ATM machine is a user-friendly interface, making it simple to operate, even if you are a beginner to using them. There is nothing complicated about operating the machine, and as we have already covered, it will complete your transaction quickly and securely, giving you convenience and peace of mind.

Have you used a Bitcoin ATM yet?

While you may not have heard of Bitcoin ATM machines yet, they have been around for a number of years – the first one opened in a coffee shop in Vancouver, Canada in 2013. The first machine appeared in Europe in December 2013, and in the US in 2014.

Bitcoin ATMs enable you to buy Bitcoin and other digital coins using cash or your debit card. (To use a Bitcoin ATM machine you will need a digital wallet.) Some Bitcoin ATMs are traditional ATMs with revamped software, however they don’t always need a bank account or debit card – you can use them with money.

There are fees for using a Bitcoin ATM machine, and these can vary considerably so it is important to shop around before using one. The average transaction fees are around 10-20%, but can go as high as 30%.