The benefits of preparatory school

Considering where to send your child to school? Here are five reasons you might want to choose a preparatory school.

Every parent wants the best education for their children. And one option for parents is to send their child to a preparatory school before they join a secondary school.

Preparatory schools vary when it comes to quality. But generally, here are some of the top benefits of prep schools.

1) Better learning facilities

The best prep schools in London have better learning facilities than other types of schools. The teaching equipment and sports facilities are usually of a better standard. But as a parent, you must ensure that you check if the preparatory school you intend to enroll your child has the adequate facilities that meet your child’s needs.

A school that lacks adequate teaching facilities will slow down the learning process. 

2) Preparatory schools have specialist teachers

Students have different teaching and learning requirements and not all of them are fast-learners. Most prep schools have teachers who are well-equipped with the necessary skills and experience needed to teach students with learning disabilities and special needs.

This can reassure parents who have children who may struggle through their education lives if they don’t get attention from their teachers.

3) The classes are usually smaller in size

Knowing students on a personal level is usually quite tricky in larger schools. But this is something that is easy in preparatory schools in the UK. All students want their teachers to know them on a personal level; what they love to do, whether it’s playing football, singing in the choir, or skateboarding. 

With a smaller classroom size, teachers can closely monitor every child’s progress –both academically and socially. In addition to that, the fact that there are fewer students per class allows your child to learn without the distractions that comes with having many students in a class.

4) Prep schools have a varied program of extra-curricular activities

The best independent schools have various extra-curricular activities that can help students develop new skills, make them enjoy social activities, and even develop optimistic learning attributes that can help them better their lives.

As most preparatory schools do not just focus on exam success, they can help to identify your child’s unique skills or talents through the extra-curricular activities that otherwise you could not have recognized as a parent.

5) Your child will be able to obtain higher scores

With smaller class sizes, your child is likely to get more 1-2-1 attention from teachers in the best preparatory school in London. And often this leads to better test scores.

This early boost can help them as they continue throughout their time in education, and help them gain more opportunities to join a better secondary school, college or university.

Preparatory schools have the potential to give your child great opportunities that they may not always experience in other schools.

The best preparatory schools in the UK can equip your child with good values that will make them a well-rounded individual once they come out of their school – and be a wonderful foundation for life.