The advantages of Alumasc Skyline coping for parapet walls

Looking for the right option to cap or cover parapet walls and provide lasting protection? Find out why Alumasc Skyline could be a good choice.

Parapet walls are an important architectural feature of many residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. They serve both practical and aesthetic purposes, providing roof edge protection while also contributing to the overall look of the structure.

When designing or renovating a building with parapet walls, choosing the right wall coping is crucial for durability and performance.

Alumasc Skyline coping is an excellent option to cap or cover parapet walls and provide lasting protection to your building. Here are some of the key benefits of using Alumasc Skyline coping.

Superior weather resistance

Alumasc Skyline coping is specially formulated to withstand exposure to all weather conditions. It is made from aluminium, which resists corrosion, fading, and damage from UV exposure. The unique dual-angled design encourages water run-off to keep moisture from collecting on top of the parapet wall.

This is important to prevent leaks, damage, and mould growth. Compared to other coping options like brick or stone, Alumasc Skyline stands up better to rain, wind, snow, ice, and sun over the lifetime of the building. 

Low maintenance

Once installed, this aluminium coping requires very little ongoing maintenance. It won’t chip, crack, or deteriorate like other materials can.

The sleek aluminium surface just needs occasional cleaning to keep it looking new. This provides long-term cost savings compared to coping options that require frequent repairs, sealing, and replacement. The durability and resilient finish can retain the new look for decades after aluminium coping installation.

Lightweight design 

Alumasc Skyline coping is much lighter than precast concrete, stone, or clay coping. This makes it easier and more cost-effective to transport and install. Less heavy lifting equipment and labour are required to get it up on the parapet wall.

The lightweight aluminium material also puts less stress on the parapet structure compared to heavier products. This can be especially helpful for taller parapet walls or those needing seismic retrofitting. The coping can be installed without heavy reinforcement or footings.

Customisable styles 

Skyline coping comes in a wide range of colours, sizes, and finishes. This makes it easy to match or complement the parapet wall materials and the overall building exterior design.

You can pick from an extensive array of standard RAL colours or request custom shades for a perfect match. The coping is available in mill, bright, and satin finishes – each varying in gloss levels. Different widths, lengths, and thicknesses are available to fit different wall dimensions.

Simplified installation

Alumasc Skyline coping is designed for quick and easy installation. The single-piece copings, which can extend up to 3 metres in length, seamlessly interlock over brackets secured to the wall. This eliminates the messy wet trade needed for cast-in-place concrete coping.

Minimal tools and no special skills are needed for installation. The interlocking pieces are neatly secured into place without visible fasteners. This saves time and money during the construction process compared to other coping materials. The lightweight aluminium pieces are also easier for workers to handle and align.

Non-combustible fire protection

The aluminium composition of Skyline coping makes it non-combustible and fire-resistant. This adds an important layer of protection at the roof edge, especially for commercial buildings. In the event of an exterior fire, the coping acts as a formidable barrier, limiting the risk to the main structure.

Moreover, it won’t warp or deteriorate at high temperatures. This is especially important for buildings like hospitals, schools, and high rises where fire safety is paramount.

Sustainable design

Apart from its outstanding performance, Alumasc Skyline coping also carries environmental advantages. Due to its robustness and durability, it requires less frequent replacement and repair when compared to other materials, effectively reducing the amount of waste ending up in landfills.

Furthermore, aluminium is entirely recyclable once the coping has served its purpose. These eco-conscious features collectively make Alumasc Skyline coping a sustainable and environmentally friendly choice.

Cost effectiveness 

When the long service life and low maintenance needs are factored in, the upfront investment in Alumasc Skyline coping pays dividends over time. There are also cost savings from quicker installation compared to precast concrete and other cumbersome materials.

The lightweight nature of Alumasc Skyline coping contributes to reduced transportation, equipment, and labour expenses. This investment also brings added value to your curb appeal while providing an effective shield against leaks and damage.

Improved safety 

The secure interlocking design and durable surface of Alumasc Skyline coping enhance rooftop safety. The attached system won’t shift or detach like loose-laid products. It holds OSHA standard parapet wall height and edge protection, thus enhancing the safety of everyone who accesses the roof area. 

Alumasc Skyline coping combines performance and protection with design

Alumasc Skyline coping combines optimal performance and protection with design flexibility. For parapet walls subject to weathering, foot traffic, and safety regulations, it’s an ideal, long-lasting solution. The aluminium coping requires minimal upkeep while enhancing aesthetics and fire resistance.

And with customised options available, it can enhance both new construction and retrofit projects. For critical roof edge protection that will last for decades, Alumasc Skyline coping is a smart choice.