The 10 small business software links most likely to contain a malware attack

Want to protect yourself from hackers? Discover the 10 small business software links most likely to contain a malware attack.

Since the switch to remote and hybrid working models, cyberattacks have increased by more than 200%. Most of these attacks target remote workers, freelancers living the laptop lifestyle, and small business owners. 

Why? Because hackers see them as easy targets. 

Remote workers can’t work remotely if they haven’t got the right apps or software installed on their laptops. And that’s exactly why cybercriminals are sneaking so many malware attacks onto the URLs you click on when researching or downloading the small business software you need to get the job done.

Malware sucks – really bad. A single click on the wrong link is all it takes for malware to infect a device. Then it can start:

  • Tricking you into providing personal data for identity theft
  • Tricking you into purchasing fake applications or security upgrades
  • Stealing sensitive data directly, including personal financial or health information
  • Hijacking your system and using it as part of larger-scale attacks
  • Holding your devices (including all that precious work data) to ransom

Malware can put you out of action for days, maybe even weeks. And an attack can devastate a small business, especially if it steals your customer’s data.

To put it simply, you can not afford to be the next victim of these malware attacks.

And this latest study from online privacy expert Surfshark can help keep you safe and productive. Researchers from the VPN provider reviewed Google search word trends and data from the Sucuri Malware Detection Tool to create a list of the 10 most dangerous pieces of small business software to search for.

And the results are a little… worrying. 

They revealed that over 40% of URL ‘links’ to the most popular pieces of small business software are loaded with malware. Yikes!

Don’t Google anything until you’ve checked out what software made it onto the list…

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