Five tech jobs you’ve never heard of

Looking for a new role in the tech sector? Here are five tech jobs you might never have heard of.

Getting a tech job can be incredibly exciting or exceedingly dull, depending on your field of interest. That’s the beauty of the tech sphere; thousands of careers will continue to sprout even after you finish your degree or certificate. There will be tech jobs in DC and other states in the US that will be open for newly graduates and tech-savvy individuals.

To keep up with these new interesting tech roles, including these ones you’ve never heard of, you’ll need this quick cheat sheet.

1) Ethical hacker 

The term “hacking” doesn’t conjure up many positives in the tech sphere because of its association with criminality and government conspiracies. Hacking was even frowned upon in traditional IT spheres for the same reason.

However, certified ethical hacking training courses are helping to remove this reputation by qualifying coders for jobs in government, financing, and blockchain. Any business could benefit from an ethical hacker because they’ll find breeches in firewalls or antivirus software that need patches or more sophisticated coding measures.

Ethical hackers tend to work for cybersecurity companies, have an impressive growth rate, and can make anywhere between $40,000-$150000 or more, depending on experience.

2) Sales engineer

Sales engineers have the arduous task of selling complex, highly technical products, and services. A background in engineering is required, and a knack for sales is essential, so brush up on your marketing skills while in college.

A sales engineer’s typical day involves them providing sales and customer support, modifying products, securing products, and researching to make new, exciting things. It’s rare for a recent engineering graduate to be hired in this role unless you have previous experience with the products the business offers.

Sales engineers need a tenacious attitude to succeed because what’s waiting for them is massive job growth and a salary of $60,000-$85000 or more depending on education.

3) Account executive

Tech industries need account executives for their skills related to supporting and growing client accounts. Customer satisfaction is their top priority. Top account executives have impressive problem-solving capabilities, excellent people skills, and are fantastic negotiators.

Research skills are necessary for account executives who want to stay ahead of the competition, develop the business model based on customer feedback, and analyze data about current clients. As a manager, you’ll also need to meet with your co-workers constantly to improve data metrics.

Account executives can make $44,000-$75,000 depending on the size of their team and experience. The job growth in this field is significant, especially for females.

4) Solutions architect

You’ve likely guessed by the name that a solutions architect finds tech-based solutions to problems within the company. They have impressive technical knowledge because they must work with hardware, software, and shared platforms alike.

The best solutions architects have superior communication skills, problem-solving skills and are knowledgeable in business development. Solutions architects may need to write technical manuals for their products, test prototypes for solutions, and aids in development, maintenance, and application design.

Solutions architects make a significant amount of money but require a master’s degree. On average, solutions architects earn $79,000-$200,000 per year or higher.

5) UX designer

User experience or UX can make or break a tech product when it hits the market. Therefore, UX designers are expected to create an interface that their users can interact with.

UX designers will work with IT to understand the limitations within the product’s features or coding and attempt to craft an aesthetically pleasing interface fit for a happy user experience. Ase this industry is still new, few universities have degree programs, but there are multiple places, like Google’s UX Design Certificate on Coursera, help to bridge that gap for now.

A new UX designer could make $90,000-$120000 per year, but it’s expected the industry will keep building due to demand. To excel in this field, it’s essential to learn a bit about website design, coding, and blog-related SEO to help your clients better.