Surprising reasons why your content creation process is stalling

You know what they say, ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’, but when you’re at the helm of a steadily growing business, it needs to be all hands on deck to get those digital projects from design to market as quickly as possible. 

Often, having an abundance of people on board to help design and implement the digital projects you have in mind, can in fact be more of a hindrance than a help. It can leave your production line stalled and complicate the process.

It’s something your business simply can’t afford, and it doesn’t only impact one department – slow content creation can cause gridlock across other branches, impacting productivity and ultimately, affecting your revenue. 

Understanding why your content creation projects are struggling to get off the starting block can help you reimagine your processes and hit the ground running. Read on to discover some surprising reasons why your content creation process is stalling. 

You’re not using creative automation tools

Creative automation tools are essential for any business that wants to streamline its creative content projects, from planning to publishing, as quickly as possible. For a definition of creative automation, click the link.

Many creative processes are bogged down with menial admin-based tasks – creative automation tools take care of these tasks for you, freeing up more time for your teams to do what they do best: bring your latest content strategies to life.

From creating dozens of project variations to match the platform or regional market they’re assigned to, to making amendments to content for branding mistakes or continuity errors, creative automation tools handle all this and more. This leads to shorter production cycles, faster localization, and helps you to maintain brand consistency. 

Communication issues

When there are communication issues at work, projects will start to suffer. And, as more businesses start to bring in remote workers, keeping the lines of communication open between teams is proving to be more of a challenge than ever.

If the main problem is the sharing of digital files along the production line, then DAM software can help. No more teams waiting around for others to email them the files they need, with DAM software, you can set specific user groups and permission profiles so the relevant teams can access what they need regardless of time zone, team, or location. Implementing DAM software can help pull teams together and streamline projects.

Your teams don’t have the right skills

When was the last time your team was brought up to speed with your latest software or practices? Is everyone reading from the same page? If your teams are lacking certain skills, then it’s only natural that your digital projects will suffer. You can, of course, bring in the experts to solve this issue. But as a business that wants to grow, investing in your current staff is probably a much better expenditure. 

Can you streamline your content creation process?

Pinpointing the cause of a sluggish project can help you and your teams start afresh and streamline the way these projects are approached in the future. Reach out to companies like to learn more about how you can improve your content creation process.