Suggestions on how to proofread your thesis for the best results

Explore how to proofread the thesis and why you don’t have to rely only on software but to hire a proofreader. 

All the students can be divided into two categories: the first group unites those who prefer oral exams and students who like writing assignments more than oral ones. The personal preferences depend on the features of each character. While extroverts like speaking and, probably, gesticulating, introverts, and shy students feel uncomfortable giving a speech in front of an audience. 

The problem doesn’t lie just in the process of typing or writing. While talking to somebody, you can use gestural language. With its help, you’re able to make a better impression even if you have problems articulating thoughts or make a vocabulary mistake. In spite of viva voce communication, all the mistakes remain where you leave them when writing. 

The phase of proofreading is the step that permits you to check and correct all the mistakes. When talking about papers on which your degree depends, you must know how to proofread your thesis for the best results. This phase is sometimes underestimated, but it counts a lot when you submit a thesis. Proofreading is not a fast and easy process. It demands accurate and scrupulous control of each word, punctuation, and misspelling. 

If you find it monotonous and boring, you can hire a talented proofreader. It especially concerns students who have a better command of language when speaking compared to translating words onto paper. It’s essential to avoid confusion and misunderstanding if your aim is to obtain a master’s degree. The devil always lies in the details. 

Skills to apply for proofreading a thesis

Did you know that even in molecular biology there is a process called proofreading? It’s not grammar correction, but it’s the process of ensuring the accuracy of DNA replication that allows for the reduction of mutation occurrences. 

The proofreading of written papers is not vital, fortunately, but it’s essential if you aim to attain the best result when proofreading a thesis or dissertation. To do a perfect checking and correction of the context, you should be aware of what skills to apply.


When checking every single word, you have to slow down, otherwise, you risk missing some error. It requires time to examine the entire thesis without rushing through it. You must pay attention to double spaces, commas, apostrophes, headings, proper nouns, and others. 

Language and grammar proficiency

There are many apps that can help you with proofreading. It can be useful to know different programs to utilize. However, it’s a proven fact that software often presents errors, which you can learn in this blog, caused by so-called bugs. The defects of apps can become a problem if you rely only on technological tools. Every proficient proofreader must have a degree in linguistic science and master grammar. 

Knowing technological tools

The work of a proofreader includes knowing Microsoft Word, Grammarly, Paper Rater, Articoolo, and many others. Additional tools may be used in combination with your knowledge. The advice is to test the software you’re going to use on another type of text, not your thesis. Moreover, technological tools are not a panacea. You have to customize a program to your needs. It will allow you to avoid embarrassing situations, in case an app has errors. 

If you look at the following report, you will notice that among the list of attributes that employers seek on a candidate’s resume, communication or written skills are in the 3rd place. You can improve proofreading quality, but it may take a lot of time. When you need to submit the thesis, you don’t think about exercises to perfect your grammar. Actually, it’s not the best period for wasting time, as the thesis defense is the most important thing. 

Thesis proofreading company

As mentioned above, you’re recommended to blindly trust the software, whatever it may be. If you care about an excellent result when writing a thesis, you must collaborate with programs. So, if your intention is to postpone the proofreading, leaving little time for it because you’re going to use some software, you risk failing. 

If it happens that you don’t have enough available time to check your thesis, don’t waste more time, call a thesis proofreading company. As a rule, their services include not only proofreading but editing too. It’s impossible to be a proofreader if you’re not passionate about letters. You will give up the job immediately. That’s why the people working in these companies like what they do, and know how to do it in the best way. 

Do you need to hire an online editor to proofread your thesis?

Do you attempt to repair your PC if it’s broken or do you prefer to call a specialist? Certainly, nobody forbids you to try to repair it independently. There is no guarantee that it will work again. The same discourse regards proofreading. You can sit down and proofread your paper alone, but the result will be unknown. 

If you care about the result, if you don’t want to fail at finishing, take into consideration to hire an online editor to proofread your thesis. Reputable companies, which are presented online, engage premier writers and linguistic experts. You can read reviews, look at profiles, and examine experts’ experiences before making a decision. 

High-quality and accurate proofreading, as well as editing, is very important, as a mistake invisible to your eye may be noticed by a member of the committee. The ball is in your court, but keep in mind the suggestions mentioned above!