Strive for success: Seven ways real estate agents can market themselves

When it comes to generating business, it’s crucial for real estate agents to market themselves continually. Here are seven ways you can do it.

With a rise in competition over the years, it can be challenging for small businesses to set themselves apart. A well-defined marketing strategy is critical for you to succeed in the real estate industry. But where do you start?

The first step is to adopt both local and online marketing methods to get visibility. It helps to think creatively to differentiate yourself from your competition. Here are a few marketing tips to help you get started.

1) Hire a professional photographer

Hiring a professional photographer will help you make a positive first impression with your prospective customers.

Search for photographers in your area who have experience taking photos of both interiors and exteriors of houses. You can ask the photographer to accompany you to your client’s home before they list the property. It will help if you get clear shots of each room and the house’s exterior.

2) Build a visually appealing website

In today’s day and age, almost all businesses need a website to succeed. Real estate agents are no exception. You can either build the website yourself if you are tech-savvy, or hire a professional to do it.

Your site should highlight why potential customers should work with you. It should also have your contact details, past client testimonials, and a blog where you can post occasional articles to generate traction on search engines.

3) Use copywriting principles to make the content of your website engrossing

Use copywriting principles such as snappy headlines, engrossing property descriptions, and a storytelling methodology to make your content stand out. Use “selling” words (such as “Free,” “Safe,” “New”) to allure your readers in contacting you for more details.

Tell your own story in the bio section of your website, too. Remember, people will want to work with individuals who they instinctively like. If your website viewers can relate to you just by reading your background, they’re more likely to contact you for a consultation.

Here are some excellent agent bio examples to help you get started.

4) Use videos to stand out from vanilla websites

All real estate listings will have photos. But, using video walk-throughs with engaging commentary can make your website stand out. Adopting this strategy will also show potential clients that you are willing to put in extra effort to sell their listing.

5) Partner up with local businesses

 Partner with mortgage brokers, movers, and home improvement companies as they may know of people on the lookout for a new property.

Work out a referral system with them so that it is a win-win scenario for all the involved parties. You can consider sharing the expense of promotional campaigns both on the net and using offline marketing methods.

6) Consider local sponsorship avenues

Think of investing a bit of your marketing budget into sponsoring local school events, sports teams, or festivals. Doing so could mean getting visibility in your local area and advertising your brand on flyers, pamphlets, or t-shirts.

7) Stay in touch with old customers

It is essential to build a relationship with your customers so that they will immediately think of you if they have a requirement in the future. Send birthday cards, New Year greetings, and an occasional small gift without any expectations in return.

You never know, if one of their friends asks them for a referral, your efforts to keep in touch with them may pay off big time.

Start marketing yourself today

Real estate agents need to continually market themselves to stay relevant in this day and age of cut-throat competition. The tips we have mentioned in this article should help you get started with a local and an online marketing strategy.