Striking while the job market is hot: Five reasons to pursue a job in healthcare

Looking to change career right now? Find out why healthcare could be a good move.

The Covid-19 pandemic has created an unprecedented need for healthcare workers. As virus cases spiked to ever higher numbers and hospitals began to fill, healthcare staff shortages became glaringly obvious.

As the need for medical professionals picks up, many are jumping at the opportunity to join the healthcare sector. And if you want to work in an environment where you get to interact with and care for other people, can be calm under pressure, and get to solve puzzles, it might be the right career for you too. 

These days, resources like Fusion Marketplace make finding healthcare jobs a breeze, taking the stress out of your employment search. Rather than putting an exhausting amount of time and effort into a job hunt, utilize the tools at your disposal. For those health sector hopefuls hoping to serve their communities, conserve your energy supply for treating patients in need, rather than dumping hours into fruitless interviews and application submissions. 

If you’re on the fence about pursuing a profession in the medical community, read up on the top reasons people value their job in healthcare. 

1) Career stability

Injury and illness don’t discriminate, and people need care even on weekends and holidays. Luckily, hospitals are open 24/7, which means adequate staffing is necessary to run a smooth, high-functioning operation.

 Healthcare jobs are particularly in demand due to Covid-19, but positions are fruitful and never ending, even under normal circumstances.

Major cities typically have an abundance of hospitals nearby, so job opportunities in your specialty or preferred field aren’t nearly as hard to come by as you may think. It’s best to contact international healthcare recruitment agencies for access to the best healthcare jobs in the global market. 

2) Positions are available for all education and experience levels

Healthcare is a field where you start in with little to no experience and work your way up. Some jobs, such as certified nursing assistants and medical assistants, require introductory coursework to receive certification, while others, like surgical technicians, require longer specific training but not a college degree. 

The healthcare sector also has a wide variety of jobs, such as nursing, dietetics, and respiratory therapy, which you can pursue after receiving a Bachelor’s or post-graduate degree. If you’re motivated, you can even apply to medical school and become a trusted physician or high-demand surgeon. 

3) The variety of specialties

General medicine is always an excellent option for fresh-faced medical students, but there are many specialties if you’re interested in honing in on a specific area of healthcare. Are you interested in working with women and children? OB/Gyn, labor and delivery, or maternal-fetal medicine may be what you need. If athletes are more your thing, options include physical therapy, athletic training, or sports nutrition.

There are endless positions in various departments, which makes choosing the perfect specialty fun and exciting. Plus, you can select an introductory job in a field you may not know much about can help you learn what you do and don’t like. 

4) The pay and benefits

Working in healthcare has its benefits as most hospitals and healthcare companies offer the best for your perks package. After all, if they’re in the business of healing and health promotion, it would only make sense to provide quality access to their employees. 

Additionally, wages are competitive and high paying to create an incentive for people entering the healthcare field. Setting higher earnings ensures employers have enough qualified applicants to choose from to keep hospitals and healthcare services running smoothly and provide excellent care.

5) You’ll be making a difference

Healthcare careers are enriching because you make an impact in people’s lives. While that may also be true for many jobs, it’s not often you get to experience the tangible difference firsthand. Being sick or injured is never pleasant, so the comfort and care you provide to patients can make all the difference in their pursuit of better health. Helping others navigate through their struggles and pain is emotional and fulfilling in a way other 9 to 5 office jobs may lack.

Could a career in healthcare be right for you?

There are limitless reasons one may choose a healthcare profession. From high pay and career stability to creating change and making a difference, medical professionals are fruitful members of society who provide essential care to those in need.