Sponsoring your common law partner in Canada: Essential tips for success

Want to sponsor your common law partner in Canada? Read on for some essential tips to help improve your chances of success.

You may have heard of the Canadian spousal sponsorship program but not really what it entails. The spousal sponsorship program enables you to sponsor your partner or spouse into Canada. This program is a chance for you and your partner to stay together.

The spousal sponsorship program not only admits married couples but also common law partners that are not married but have been cohabiting for at least one year.

Advantages of the spousal sponsorship program

You and your partner have many benefits to enjoy from this program. For instance, if you got your application approved, your spouse can also benefit from many available jobs in the country. Your partner can also work anywhere in the country and they can also benefit from Canada’s healthcare system.

The opportunity to live anywhere with your spouse is also another benefit to enjoy in the spousal sponsorship program. This can also allow you and your partner to gain work experience in Canada.

If you are a sponsor, so far you are living in Canada, you are allowed to remain in the country and work as you await the decision on your partner’s application for permanent residence and/or work permit.

Criteria for the sponsorship program

The spousal sponsorship program has some necessities for both the person to be sponsored and the sponsor, to qualify. However, you should know how the common law partner sponsorship process lasts in Canada (comment se déroule le processus de parrainage d’un conjoint de fait au Canada). Usually, it lasts for three years beginning from the moment your partner arrives in the country.

Firstly, before you can apply, you and your partner should be at least 18 years old and you should have lived together for at least one year. If you are a married couple too, your marriage should have lasted one year or more.

Also, you should be living in Canada as a sponsor or be a permanent resident of the country. This way, you would be allowed to stay anywhere in the country.

Another important criterion is financial stability. You should be able to cater for your partner financially for at least three years after they arrive in Canada.

What you should know as a sponsor

Here are some important things you need to know as a sponsor.

Eligibility requirements and proof of relationship

Make sure that you confirm your eligibility and prepare a copy of your proof of relationship. For married couples, the marriage certificate should be provided. For common law partners, you and your partner should provide valid documents that show the same address. This may be your ID cards or driver’s licenses.

Sponsor’s financial obligations

You should also know what is expected of you financially. You should be able to support your spouse for three years; at least until they get settled too. There is no particular amount of income required of you as a sponsor, but you should show proof that you can support your partner.

Financial documentation and proof of funds

Provide proof of funds and other financial documents to show that you can sustain both you and your partner when they relocate. These documents may include your balance certificate from your bank, bank statement and investment statements. You may also be asked to provide letters from your bank or financial institution to confirm your claim.

Tips for a successful application

Here are some tips for a successful application:

  • Provide valid documents: Most applications get rejected due to fake or forged documents. Ensure that all the documents you use for application are valid and up to date.
  • Submit complete application: Before submitting, make sure that your application is filled completely and accurately. Incomplete or inaccurate information in application will affect decision on application. This is why it is advisable to have even documents that were not initially asked.
  • Consult an immigration expert: You may decide to hire someone that knows the ins and outs of immigration. They can then put you through and guide you in the application process to avoid mistakes and increase the chance for an approval.

Potential challenges and overcoming them

The major challenge that can be faced during application is a rejection. If your application is rejected, it will include the reason for rejection. So, when reapplying, you should try to avoid or correct mistakes that were initially made.

More so, you may be ineligible to be a sponsor due to living conditions. You should be planning to reside in Canada after application or already be living in the country.Your partner may also be ineligible to be sponsored if they do not fulfill all requirements.So, ensure that you and your common law partner have all requirements.

Incomplete documents may also be a challenge. That is, you may not have some of the documents required. You can address this by giving alternative documents and reasons why the required documents are not available at that moment. 

Check that your documents and application are correct

If you want to be a sponsor to relocate your common law partner into Canada, then you should ensure that your documents are correct and the application is filled appropriately with accurate information.

Lastly, to boost your chance of getting an approval, you may reach out to an immigration expert.