Sound hire and music services for weddings – what you need to consider

If you’re planning a wedding, there are many details to take care of. Not only do you have to look after the guest list, table plans and seating arrangements, you also have to consider the atmosphere.

This includes the music and the sound for speeches and toasts. Here, we take a look at sound hire and music services for weddings to explore the considerations you may need to make when planning a wedding for someone else or for yourself.

The importance of professional sounds at weddings

There is more to providing a good atmosphere at a wedding than providing enough food and drink for your guests. Professional sound at a wedding can significantly enhance the guests’ experience. Getting high-quality sound that delivers each and every word in the important speeches and vows as crystal clear as the glassware can make or break a wedding. So too can optimal sound as the guests let their hair down at the reception, whether you’ve hired a band or a DJ.

Furthermore, now that there are more hybrid weddings taking place, with guests attending remotely  it is also vital to have optimal sound so that your guests can experience your happy day, no matter where in the world they are watching it from.

Getting a sound engineer

A sound engineer may not at first thought seem to be pivotal to a wedding. However, having a sound engineer on hand can manage complex acoustics of various wedding venues, balancing speakers, minimising feedback, and ensuring sound is optimised for every part of your venue.

Particularly if you are having a hybrid wedding, they can ensure that remote guests are able to experience the event, just as if they were there in person, as there will be no delay to the sound they hear.

Essential equipment for proper acoustics

It is vital that the equipment you choose for your wedding is in line with the acoustic needs of the venue you have chosen. Key equipment may include directional microphones for the ceremony. It might also require powerful speakers for reception areas, and mixing consoles for any DJ or band you may have hired. Furthermore, you may need streaming technologies for guests who are attending from afar. 

Mistakes to avoid with sound at your wedding

There are various common mistakes that people make when it comes to sound and music at their wedding. By avoiding these, you can give the wedding you’re planning the best chance of being a complete success:

  • Relying on old or outdated equipment – This is a surefire way to risk something going wrong. If you need to use older equipment, make sure it is assessed for reliability before the big day, and consider having an engineer on hand if something goes wrong. 
  • Not checking the acoustics of your venue – No matter how great the equipment you have is, it must be optimised to the acoustics of your venue. It is vital that you check whether there are any ways in which your venue may impede the sound at your wedding. That way you can plan workarounds to avoid issues.
  • Not having a pre-ceremony run through – Checking the equipment is working on the day is vital to ensuring you have less chance of something going wrong. After all, it would only take someone to knock a speaker while decorating the venue for a key part of your sound equipment to malfunction. 

Planning a wedding can be complicated, and there is much for wedding planners, brides and greens to consider. Ensuring that the sound is taken care of by professional companies is likely to take away some of the stress and enhance the atmosphere at your wedding.