Smart tips on how to pick a stainless steel wall shelf of superior quality

In the market for a stainless steel wall shelf of superior quality? Here are some smart tips on how to pick the right one.

When dealing with the task of planning and arranging a commercial kitchen at a busy restaurant, great attention must be paid to establishing the appropriate and expanded storage system, so all cooking tools, cutlery, pots and pans, containers, and bottles were smartly placed around the working area, promoting the staff performance.

Often cabinets and drawers cause some inconvenience, as most objects and items are better to keep within the reach for free and instant access. Moreover, in tight spaces, it would be challenging to install cabinets, so they do not become barriers.

Thus, you can consider upper or lower shelving units for your prep table as an option of extra restaurant shelving, stainless steel systems with a couple of levels, or dunnage racks for storing boxes.

However, sometimes to maximize the storage capacity of the room and neatly organize the zone, the most basic and cost-efficient elements, such as the stainless steel wall shelf will be enough to accomplish commercial interior goals.  However, you need to choose the right durable structure, depending on the purpose of its use, not forgetting also about the aesthetic component of the product.

Shop for stainless steel wall mounted equipment smartly

Assess the features of your kitchen. You must determine the spot where you can attach the vertical shelf for achieving the proper level of comfort and ergonomics. Avoid hanging the structure above the stove since the stored items will quickly get dirty and be subjected to the effects of grease and steam. And even if stainless steel can withstand temperature fluctuations, more likely, the items on the shelves will be affected.

The wisest decision is to mount the shelf over the table where all prep processes take place, especially if you will put some ingredients or cooking tools there. The choice also depends on the stainless steel wall shelf type and purpose.

Learn your options

A myriad of metal designs is available on the market. For example, some shelving styles can be attached not only to a wall surface but also to the ceiling. For the installation, you will need fasteners or some sturdy chains. These options will look unusual and extraordinary while delivering efficiency.

However, you must be sure that the construction attached to the ceiling won’t prevent the staff from implementation of their objectives. Some stainless steel wall shelves come with pot racks. Thus, with the minimum investment, you can drastically transform and upgrade a kitchen with a limited area.

Be aware of available stainless steel thicknesses. Opting for restaurant shelving, stainless steel is probably the most preferable material, especially when it comes to installation and operation in harsh commercial kitchen conditions.  However, there are different thicknesses of metal, so you must study available options and remember that the higher the gauge of steel, the longer the equipment will serve.

Know what would be stored there. Load capacity must be determined before the purchase. If you are looking for support for a microwave oven, then it must be a solid shelf of appropriate dimensions that is firmly fixed to the wall.

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