Slow down – a poem for mothers by Sophie Harrington

We’re all guilty of trying to do too much. So much in fact that we don’t often have time for the little things (or little people) in our lives.

Which is why Sophie Harrington’s beautiful poem, Slow down (shared below), struck such a chord with us. From now on, we’ll try not to say, “I’ll just be five minutes more!” quite so often to our children.

Slow down


Slow down, it’s not too late
Leave the dishes, they can wait
He’s asking you if you want to play
Don’t say no and turn away.


I must cook your tea now little one
I have to finish cleaning now I have begun.
He walks away, you carry on
He’ll soon stop asking, he’ll soon be grown.


He pulls your trousers and says please play
But you’re trying to put his things away
I can’t right now, my precious one
Just wait a while and I will be done.


But later comes and it’s time for tea
Bath time next and bed you see
You must learn that he won’t stay
This little for long and want you to play.


Put down the saucepan and run outside
You can count while he tries to hide.
He’ll remember this and so will you
These precious moments are oh, so few.

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