Six ways you can be stylish and save cash

Bored of your current wardrobe but no cash for a new one? Read six ways you can be stylish AND save cash.

While we may quite fancy a brand new wardrobe every season, sometimes our bank balance just says “no.” But don’t lose heart – you don’t need an unlimited shopping budget to look (and more importantly, feel) good.

With some smart planning and insights you can be stylish and save money. To help you style yourself on a budget, here are six quick tips.

1) Know what type of shopper you are

Do you prefer to buy three tops with £50, or just one really high quality one? Understanding how you prefer to shop can help when it comes to styling yourself – as can making some smart changes.

If you can, get out of the habit of buying lots of cheap clothing and opt instead for one high quality piece that fits well and lasts.

Take jackets, for example. There are plenty of cheaper alternatives to a high quality bomber jacket from Superdry or a wool coat from Karen Millen, but they aren’t going to last as long or look as good. If you know you need a new winter coat, it’s a good idea to save for it and buy one that will last instead.

2) Take a look at what you already have

It’s likely you’ve got into the habit of wearing the same thing every day, so it’s time to take a look at your wardrobe at what you already have that can be pulled back out and re-styled. Fashion always comes back around, so it’s usually easy to find a way to wear something you bought a while ago.

3) Consider what you don’t have

We all have something missing from our wardrobe – whether it’s a blouse that fits perfectly, fashion trainers or a good quality oversized scarf. So take some time to consider what your wardrobe really needs before buying anything else.

Do you have a fail safe dress for a last minute event that you can pull out? If not, it may be time to consider purchasing a classic LBD. Carefully monitoring what you have and don’t have can help you avoid buying unnecessary duplicates and destroying your budget.

4) Avoid sales

Often sales simply mean we buy things we really don’t need, with money we don’t have, because we convince ourselves we are getting a bargain. Only buy sale items if you find something you have on your wishlist that meets your new set of style and fashion purchases rules.

5) Use accessories to freshen up an old outfit

A good looking necklace, statement purse or bold coloured pair of shoes can dress any outfit up instantly. If you’re a fan of dressing in black, consider investing in a couple of strong accessories that you can mix and match depending on your mood.

Need to head to the shops? Why not buy a jutebag to carry your purchases? They’re kind to the environment, inexpensive and you can find bright and colourful designs.

You can even do this with makeup – bold cat eyeliner can say a lot about your vibe for that day, while a strong dark lip is perfect for changing seasons and colder weather, even if you’ve not purchased anything new.

6) Set up a borrowing agreement with a friend or relative

If you have a close friend, sister (or even your Mum) who are a similar size to you and have a similar taste in clothes, why not set up an agreement where you share and borrow clothes from one another?

Of course, this won’t work for everyone, but it may be worth considering to help you all extend your wardrobe options and save money. There may be an evening dress you can go halves on that you can then agree to wear at certain times or at events you are attending separately. Everyone wins!

Photo by Lee Campbell