Six ways to style a multiway infinity dress

Getting married soon and looking for the perfect bridesmaid dresses? Find out why multiway infinity dresses could be the answer – and how to style them.

Would you like to your bridesmaids wear infinity dresses but in different ways? Or maybe you are one of the bridesmaids, who have chosen a multiwrap dress but are unsure about how to wrap this up differently!

A multiway infinity dress is a long gown that allows you to adapt different styles as per your choice or according to the theme. Whether you are looking for a bridesmaid dress or a gown for a formal occasion, you can definitely rely on an infinity dress in the USA.

Also, this type of gown can save you a lot of money as you can wear it in multiple ways. That means with a single gown you can attend as many occasions as you want. Not only this, if you look at Model Chic’s latest range of convertible dresses, they are made with a comfortable fabric that makes it easy to wear and change as much as you desire. 

Multiway Infinity Dress

Why you should choose a multiway infinity dress?

The best thing about a multiway infinity dress is that whatever body type you may have, you can rock in this dress.

If you are a bride-to-be who wants to add a unique touch to your wedding, you can go for different infinity dresses styles for your bridesmaids so that they can choose their styles according to their comfort and personalities. Your girl squad’s choices, comfort, plus convertible dress style can help you combine uniformity with an element of interest.


Also, these gowns have a wide range of colors, to choose from. You can pick the colors according to your wedding theme and decorations. For example, the the theme is formal, choose a Black Bridesmaid Dress or if the theme is casual, you can go with vibrate color options. These gowns can also add a sustainable element to your wedding with their quality and versatility. 

Not only this, the multi-wrap dresses come in comfortable and stretchable materials, such as spandex/polyester mix and velvet fabric. These fabrics allow your bridesmaids to get a perfect and natural fit according to their body types. The infinity bridesmaid dresses are a perfect choice for those who want to have a flattering silhouette with a modern and luxurious design.

If you are looking for a classic with a touch of modern style, you can go for a spandex/polyester mix material.

On the other hand, if you are more up for a statement dress that could showcase your personality with a touch of royalty, choose a velvet multi wrap dress, as it is a soft and eye-catching material.

Six ways to style an infinity dress

A multi-wrap dress offers more than 70 ways of styling and wearing it. But we will be discussing the most popular and top six dress styles that will help you rock the wedding theme with a touch of style and royalty. Let’s dig into it.


1) Over the shoulder

If you are looking for a smart and contemporary style for your multiway dress, you can choose a one-shouldered design. This Infinity Dress Style is a great way to draw attention to the upper body. To style an “over-the-shoulder look,” you will need to:

  • Place your both straps over one shoulder. 
  • Now, take one strap around the front of your waist.
  • After that take the second strap around the back of your waist.
  • Now, cross the straps over
  • Then bring them back to tie a knot and secure the style in place.

2) With sleeves

If you are more comfortable with a traditional with-sleeve look, you can create sleeves with your wrap dress. To wrap a sleeve dress, follow these steps:

  • Take each strap over opposite shoulders.
  • Now, cross both straps around your waist.
  • Then, tuck the strap into the front of the belt.
  • After securing the straps, adjust the sleeves according to your needs.
  • Now, you are ready to rock the wedding.

3) Closed halter neck

If you are willing to style your dress with a halter neck design, follow these simple steps:

  • Take both straps side by side and make a knot in the front.
  • Now, take both straps from your back and roll them to your waist area.
  • After rolling the straps, warp both straps from back to front and go around the waist.
  • Now, make a knot on the back of the waist to secure your warp dress and you are good to go.

4) Knotted front

If you want to give a unique look to your multi-warp dress, you can follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Take your straps above the chest but on opposite sides. 
  • Now, wrap the dress under your arms and make a top of the dress.
  • Tie a knot close to the neckline.
  • A beautiful front knot dress is ready to be the center of attraction!

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5) Open halter 

If you are looking for a more open dress to show your skin a little bit, you can go for Open-Halter look. All you need to do is:

  • Take both straps on the same side shoulders.
  • Now, take both straps from your back and roll them to your waist area.
  • After rolling the straps, warp both straps from back to front and go around the waist.
  • When you come to wrap the straps around the waist, simply do this lower down the waist, or cross them over at the front. Your Open Halter look is ready to rock!

6) Cross front 

Step-by-step instructions for wearing the cross-front style dress:

  • Begin by wrapping one loop around your waist.
  • Take one of the straps and drape it over your opposite shoulder.
  • Cross the strap over your back and bring it back to the front.
  • Repeat steps 2 and 3 with the other strap.
  • Wrap both straps around your waist and tie them securely to keep the dress in place.

Upgrading your style

Infinity dresses are incredibly versatile and allow you to experiment with different styles. The basic steps involve wrapping the straps around your waist and tying a knot. However, you can take your dress to the next level by trying out some additional steps. For instance, you can create a bow either at the front or back, or tie knots in the straps to add some interest. You can even cross the straps over at the back for a unique look.

Moreover, if you are looking for the latest warp or multiway infinity dresses for the upcoming occasion, check out the latest collection of Modelchic!