Six ways to beat loneliness when you work alone at home

Have you got the entrepreneurial blues? Read six ways you can beat loneliness when you work from home on your own.

As the famous song goes One Is The Loneliest Number. And, as liberating and convenient as it can be, ‘one’ can certainly feel lonely at times when you work or run a business alone from home.

Six ways to beat loneliness when you work alone

To help you beat the entrepreneurial blues, Jenny Winslow, Senior Marketing Executive at Intouch Accounting shares six ways you can stay motivated and happy when you work alone from home.

1) Find your energy source

We all have those friends who we call upon for a really good night out, but what about when we need company?

It’s amazing what a quick chat or meetup can do to boost your energy levels. So create a support system of friends and colleagues around you, who you can be a sounding board for your business or career.

Why not make it a regular thing? If you’re feeling lonely you can be sure others are feeling the same, so ensure you support each other and ‘plug in’ when you’re running low.

2) Get professional support

Like many freelancers, contractors or small businesses, you probably have a whole team of experts helping you manage your career – from accountants, business insurance providers and even financial advisers.

They probably deal with freelancers or entrepreneurs like you every day, so if you’re struggling with something, talk to them about it!

We speak to contractors on a daily basis, giving them advice and support on all areas of being self-employed – not just accountancy. So don’t be afraid to call your personal accountant for clarification on whatever is isolating you.

3) Today’s meeting location – offline

It’s all too easy to liaise with clients from home, where your cup of tea and comfy slippers are just inches away. But making a habit of this can allow loneliness to creep in, and also potentially damage your client relationship.

So offer to meet your clients at their office, a nearby coffee shop or even a local business meet-up location. Seeing you face to face on a regular basis improves business relations and can help cement your professionalism.

Going through the process of actually getting ready for work can also keep your mind sharp and give you a sense of purpose. Dress to impress, set out your objectives and leave with positive actions.

Even if you’re planning to get straight into your onesie once you’re home, the positivity you’ll get from meeting face-to-face will keep you focused for the rest of the week.

If you like the idea of working outside your home occasionally, you could look into renting a coworking desk once a week, or even joining a local Jelly. Read five signs you may be ready for coworking.

4) Out of sight, out of mind

When contracting or freelancing it’s important to meet with other like-minded professionals, as it makes you feel part of a community and gives you a platform to discuss the industry.

It also gives you the opportunity to talk about any current in-demand skills and experience that clients are looking for, and also who’s hiring and looking for people like you.

(You can read more tips on creating your own informal networking group of like-minded professionals when you’re a mum here.)

5) Make time for YOU

When contracting or working from home, it’s all too easy to carry on working into the evenings, especially if you’re feeling inspired. But when you start to cancel plans so you can use the time for projects, it’s a slippery slope into loneliness.

So make plans – then stick to them. Your personal relationships are just as important as your professional ones, so honour your plans. Otherwise, what do you have to look forward to during your working day?!

(Read six quick tips to help you make time for you.)

6) Get active

Healthy body = healthy mind. Join an exercise class, gym, running club – whatever you enjoy doing and stick at it. You’ll meet new people and have an outlet to clear your mind and release some energy.

Your daily commute from your bedroom to your desk is probably not a long one, so ensure you look after your body as well as your peace of mind.

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Final thoughts

At the end of the day we are all human and anyone can get lonely (even introverts!), so ensure you have a personal plan to help banish those entrepreneur blues.

After all, you’re doing something you love, so don’t let something like loneliness get in the way of you achieving your professional goals and dreams.

Jenny Winslow works for Intouch Accounting, the expert contractor accountancy for Limited Company contractors.