Six surefire ways to sell your house fast in a slow market

Whatever your reasons for moving house, it is famously one of the most stressful times in our lives.

There are so many things to think about and plan. If there are additional time constraints, that’s when the pressure is really on! If only there were ways to speed up the process…

Fortunately, there are. Here are six of them. 

1) Choose a good realtor

It’s really important to choose a professional full service realtor with a good track record. Their company should have been going for a while and have excellent results. Check the reviews if they are available online.

If a realtor is unfamiliar with where you live they may not be the best choice. Make sure they advertise homes widely online and have a presence on social media too. 

A good realtor will look at a person’s home and advise how to make it look its best for viewings. If they take photographs they should be of excellent quality. 

Interestingly, there are also companies that are specifically designed for quick sales. According to Socal Home Buyers such businesses can buy for cash within hours or days. The property can even be sold if it is currently tenant occupied. This removes realtors and their expenses from the equation. 

2) Choose the right time to sell

In America, the best time to sell a house is during spring and fall. It can be limiting to put a house on the market when people are going away for their holidays.

In England, properties sell best in spring and summer, with buyers wanting to be in the new property before Christmas. If someone decides to sell during an unpopular season, they may receive fewer viewings but also struggle to find a new home. 

The benefit of selling a home when the weather is nice is that it will look its best. If there are flowers in the garden, these should be out too. 

3) Ask for a competitive price

Get plenty of advice from different realtors, and explore prices for homes in your neighborhood online. If a house has a lower sale price, it can cause a bidding war that can benefit the seller. 

Someone who is in less of a hurry may choose to request a high price initially and slowly reduce it over time. Potential buyers may be suspicious if it stays on the market for too long, however. 

If the home is bigger or has a larger garden than others, this can be reflected in the sale price. The same thing applies if there have been renovations such as extensions and new bedrooms.

Another option is to offer to pay some of the buyer’s closing costs. Alternatively have a transferable home warranty with furnace protection and appliance coverage that enables the buyer to use the existing electrical appliances and air conditioning units. 

4) Declutter

People may be tempted to keep up family photos because it makes it look like a family home. Actually, it is better to make it look neutral, so that it creates a blank canvas for the viewer. They can then imagine their stuff being in place. 

Over time it’s easy to amass junk, particularly when there are children present. So make sure you stay on top of rubbish removal and get rid of unwanted items from your home and garden.

When people come for viewing they will be unimpressed if there are shoes and boots everywhere, and magazines and toys all over the floor. 

5) Improve buyers’ first impressions

If you’re seeing your home then you need to ensure it has curb appeal. If an entranceway or front garden is shabby, untidy, and neglected, visitors will assume this applies to the whole property. Are their hanging baskets on display? Remember to deadhead the plants. 

People look at doors and window frames when they come. Make sure these are in tiptop condition. 

Take special care of the front garden, with the hedges, bushes, plants, and lawn. Powerwash the paths or entrance drive to remove weeds and dirt. Fix any broken or leaning fences.

6) Showcase your home 

Anyone who is in a hurry to sell could consider a fresh coat of paint in the home. The white color would make it look more clean and spacious. Don’t go too mad, however, as the buyer will probably change things when they move in.

Remove stale, sweaty smells from rooms using scented candles or by baking bread. Put freshly cut flowers in the rooms too. Play gentle, homely music for viewers to hear as they walk around the house. 

Whilst the market may be slow, there will always be people buying and selling. The trick is to get the best price whilst being competitive enough to secure a sale. Offering financial extras or tidying the home and garden can help things along. Once the sale price has been agreed on, both parties can proceed to follow their dreams.