Six smart tech hacks for working moms

The phrase “working mom” is a redundant statement. It’s like saying “queso cheese” or “support bra.” To be a mom is to work – “working” moms just have two jobs.

If you’re a mom with a day job, you’ve probably got a lot going on emotionally and physically. Alongside combating unnecessary mom guilt for going back to work, you’re probably dealing with the physical strain of lifting your growing baby and the growing laundry basket. 

You spend 40 hours at the office helping move a project forward, then nights and weekends caring for your child and possibly even a larger family.

On top of all this, you are responsible for developing your newborn baby’s brain. Time is in short supply and you could use some help. Well, here are six smart tech hacks any working mom can use to save themselves loads of time, money, and a little sanity.

1) Buy a security camera that doubles as a baby monitor

Many of today’s smart cameras also double as baby monitors. So you can patrol your property at work or watch your little bundle-of-joy take a nap. And because these monitors have two-way audio, moms at the office can talk to their babies to console them. Or you can communicate with caregivers for emergencies or a quick reminder.

Two-way video cameras are the next best thing to being with your child. Most models let you stream HD video from your smartphone. You’ll enjoy crystal clear views of everything going on in your child’s environment. Make sure and get a security camera/baby monitor with night vision for an added layer of protection. 

2) Install smart thermostats in your home

Traditional thermostats only measure the internal temperature of your home and make adjustments. But smart thermostats use algorithms to learn your daily routine and make changes based on the data. 

They note things like when you leave for work, when you get home, or what temp you prefer. The data lets them know when to keep your home a little cooler or warmer to conserve energy while you’re away.

Smart thermostats can save you hundreds of dollars on energy bills over the year. But they also track your location and ensure you arrive home from work to a comfortable home. Or if you need to, you can always control your smart thermostats with a mobile app.

Some models come with extra sensors so you can dial in temperatures for specific rooms. That way, you can ensure your baby’s nursery is always comfortable.

3) Try a hands-free breast pump to get more done

Breastfeeding moms understand that feeding your baby is another full-time job in itself. Most older models of breast pumps require holding the suction cups and opening and removing your top.

But newer models like the Freemie Liberty Mobile Breast Pump are designed with working moms in mind. The Freemie Cups fit discreetly inside your bra and have noise reduction technology. So you can keep your blouse or top closed and pump almost anywhere. A

nd the pump works on rechargeable batteries, so there are fewer cords and less hassle moving around. And since your bra holds the cups in place, you’re hands are free for typing, eating lunch, or driving.

4) Learn baby “language” with a translation app

It sounds pretty far fetched, but research shows baby cries have specific acoustic patterns that indicate different needs. Simply put, cries of pain sound different than cries of hunger.

While most parents learn these vocal distinctions through a long bout of trial and error, new baby translation apps can help speed up this process.

These smart apps use machine learning to analyze your child’s cry, translate it, and present you the results. Users help the baby translation app learn through feedback on its predictions. And the more you use it, the more accurate it becomes.

Baby translation apps can speed up the learning curve, so it’s perfect for new moms who need an extra set of digital ears to help with the baby.

5) Use an app to control screen time 

Over the last few years, calls for parents to monitor their child’s screen time have gotten more urgent. Too much device time is leading to addictions and disrupting sleep patterns for young people.

In response, device makers like Apple and Google have developed apps for parents to control how much device time their kids consume. These screen time apps let you monitor device usage for yourself and your children. With these apps, you can also block restricted content and set your own time limits.

Remote access to your devices makes controlling screen time from work as easy as checking your phone. If you suspect your child is accessing a device at bedtime, you can simply lock their device down from your own phone or tablet. 

6) Track feedings with a smart baby bottle

Smart technology has even given mothers a better way to monitor and feed their babies. Smart baby bottles track how much formula or breast milk your baby drinks. The bottles then send that data to a mobile app. You can track feeding times, meal durations, amounts, and temperatures all from your smartphone or smartwatch.

Some bottle models even send alerts or sound alarms when the bottle’s nipple becomes clogged or is at the wrong angle, causing gas and discomfort.

And smart feeding sleeves like the BlueSmart mia fit around your baby’s favorite bottle. With this feeding monitor sleeve, moms can track how much their babies are eating while at the sitter or with the nanny.

You’ll no longer need to guess whether it’s time for your baby to eat after picking them up. Just track their feeding times and amounts before you leave work.

Photo by Jonathan Borba